4 Key Elements of Successful Business Websites

It can be tempting to select a pre-made website template, add a logo and content, change colors and fonts and call it done. This doesn’t usually producing the hoped-for conversions. A significant portion of a business website’s effectiveness isn’t visible to website users. Professional quality website design makes the website function is it should and produce needed results.

There are four key elements needed for a successful business website.

1. Mobile-Friendly

Pull up your business website on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop computer and review how your website looks and functions. The website may not look the same on differently sized screens, but should work just as well on any device. New devices are constantly coming on the market, so your website shouldn’t be limited to only functioning well on certain mobile devices. How well does your website work on all mobile devices?

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

After entering a search query, a user scans the links that appear. Today, there are often 2-3 paid ads at the top and 8-9 unpaid or organic websites listed below the ads on the first page of search results. There may be an infinite number of listings for the search term, but most users only look at the first few. A website ranked 16th or 31st for that keyword phrase is essentially invisible. Well-done SEO addresses many technical factors, but is essential for advancing your website to the top so that users see it.

3. Loading Speed

A website only has 2 or 3 seconds to load before the user hits the back button and clicks on a competitor’s website. Desktop users are a little more patient than mobile users, but not by much. It took a lot of work to make your site visible to searchers, but if the website doesn’t load quickly enough, that work has been wasted. The loading speed of your site is extremely important.

4. Navigation

Website users know what they’re looking for and expect navigation to be simple, intuitive and fast. Well-organised navigation pays big dividends in leads and sales. Unusual navigation might be creative, but can be counter-productive.

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