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Highlights About the Country of China

China, also referred to as the People’s Republic of China, is an autonomous state located on the Eastern side of Asia.It is popularly known for a variety of significant aspects such as having the highest population in the world, which is 1.4 billion.It takes second place for having the greatest coverage of land area, and takes third or fourth place for having the most vast total area coverage as a country.China’s communist party is in charge of the well being and the progress the 22 provinces in the country.It entails five independent regions, four which are municipalities that are directly controlled; namely Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and Tianjin.

As one of the first worlds civilizations, China appeared from a fertile basin in the North China Plain.During the early times, China was under the rule of dynasties.Later; the ROC exterminated the dynasty tradition when it took over the country in the year 1949.As the economic reforms were introduced to China in 1978, its economy has grown at a swift rate as compared to most of the other countries in the world.In 2016, it was ranked first for having the largest economy in reference to the purchasing power parity and the second position in reference to nominal GDP.In reference to trade, China makes the most exports in the world, and takes second place for making the most imports.

In addition to having the largest group of army members, it is equipped with nuclear weapons of great power.Its budget on defense measures is therefore high, landing it to the second highest defense budget on a worldwide basis.The United Nations acknowledge to have China as part of the movement as it highly impacts in the undertakings of the world.It is also part of other agencies, some of them including BRICS, APEC, BCIM, G20, WTO, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

China is one of the many countries that are part of the World Trade Organization.It has made a huge impact in creating free trade areas in the Asia-Pacific region.In the year 2000, the United States Congress agreed to the standard trade requests from China.The aim of this project was to ensure that goods and commodities from China can get into the United States of China a considerably flat fee.A number of politicians from the United States of America were displeased with what was happening with the trading activities with China as they claimed that they were receiving trading benefits that were utterly inequitable.

The trading relationship developed between the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China have profoundly contributed to the excellence and growth of each country.The current partnership that China has been building with a couple of African countries has already started making a significant impact on the nation’s economy.It is also evident that China has been able to grow its ties with highly influential South American economies, thus becoming a more significant trading partner.

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