The Importance of Data Scientists in Marketing

In the recent past, if junior marketers had questions, they would consult the team’s most senior member. When a person has real-world experience, their answers are backed by experience. While things look different on the outside, they’re largely the same on the inside. With the growth of technology and digital media, it’s not always true that the person with the most seniority knows best. Marketing pros can get more details online about the importance of data science in advertising.

Data Equals Power

In the marketing world of today, power and knowledge often reside with the person who has the most access to data and the best understanding of that info. For many who got their start in conventional advertising, this can be a bitter pill to swallow. While it’s important to collect and store data, it’s equally vital to create models that predict and analyze consumers’ behavior and drive better marketing decisions.

Data Scientists: A Secret Weapon

Data scientists allow brands to spend marketing dollars efficiently, and they can help clients get a leg up on the competition. With the complicated nature of data collection, analysis and visualization and the quantity of information gathered from platforms, agencies and companies should have on-staff data scientists to effectively serve clients.

Helping Data Scientists do Their Jobs

A company’s marketing department should have an expert who can work with data scientists and make connections between client and agency data. It’s becoming harder to stay on top of today’s media landscape, and the difficulties are fueled by increasing numbers of platforms and the complexity of data sets. It’s not possible to be an expert in every data aggregation and analysis tool, and for today’s marketers to stay ahead, it’s important to leverage data scientists’ expertise.

Hiring Data Scientists Can Offer Tremendous Advantages

When clients invest in data science, they can see a significant improvement in the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Additionally, they can collaborate with media platforms and agencies more closely. At this point in the marketing evolution, every company needs a data scientist who can get everyone on the same page and drive meaningful conversations between brands, agencies and consumers.