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How To Buy Used Cars? There are instances that buying a new car does not actually make sense for the family. Well thanks to drastic depreciation of brand new cars when driven off the car lot, used cars are usually more economical option than brand new models. The thing here is, how can we be certain that we’re getting a great deal from such models or not and to how we can be sure that the car is reliable? Well in this article, that is exactly what we will discuss. Tip number 1. Set a budget – think of how much money you can afford whether you’re buying the car outright or searching for finance. Always remember that used cars are often financed at higher rate and factor that in the final price. Once you’re done, make it a point that you stick to your budget and avoid buying impulsively. If the car isn’t priced right, simply walk away from the deal and keep looking. Basically, this is the perfect time to practice your negotiation skills. Remember that even if things make you uncomfortable, sellers expect customers to haggle even a little. Tip number 2. Do research – before you visit the car lot or set an appoint to a private seller, you have to do research for the best models that is within your budget. For you to have a good deal or not, look for prices in the area. Aside from that, it will be wise to research for common problems of the popular models and watch out for warning signs. Then after, take time in shopping around.
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Tip number 3. Test drive the car – the moment you found something you want that fits your budget, now is the time to give it a test drive. See if it has enough head, leg and elbow room, do you feel comfortable getting in and out of the car and so on while test driving the car. You would spend great portion of your time in the car so you must be sure that you feel comfortable. Not only that, it will be important to carefully check the car. You have to look for signs of accident, make sure that the signals, lights and AC are working, check the tires and so forth.
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Tip number 4. Hire a mechanic to inspect the car – say that the car’s service engine light is not on, still used cars might have serious problems that may not present to an untrained eye. You should be allowed by the seller to check the car with your trusted mechanic otherwise, beware of shady deals. If your mechanic found minor issues, then the seller should reduce their asking price but if it’s more of a serious problem, you must find alternative options instead.