You Need To Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

As an operator of a WordPress website, it’s important that you understand why you need website maintenance and website updates. If you have been dealing with WordPress for a good amount of time, you probably know that you are notified about updates. But do you install them? It’s common for people to figure since everything is working fine that there isn’t any reason to update. The truth is that not updating is a huge mistake. One thing to keep in mind is how popular WordPress websites are. They offer great functionality and many find that appealing. Since there are a lot of users of WordPress, the websites are targeted by hackers. Once a backdoor is found to one WordPress site, it’s highly possible that it will work on others. Understand that hackers are working around the clock to find vulnerabilities in WordPress websites.

Fortunately, WordPress developers are on the job. They work to find any vulnerabilities so that they can be patched. And guess what? The updates you might be ignoring contain security patches. Things you need to fight off hackers. And it’s important to note that updates aren’t just about hackers. Coders aren’t perfect. Although they test and debug code before software is launched, there may be undetected software bugs within the code. These bugs can show up later when users work with the software. Once the bugs are identified, they need to be corrected. And although you might not notice the bugs, some of the visitors to your website might notice them. This can turn people away from your website. If you are using your WordPress site for business, not updating your site so bugs can be fixed could be costing you money.

Since WordPress is growing, developers are adding more functionality to it. There are more features available with WordPress than in the past. Users tend to like new features. What if they visit your website and don’t find the features that they have grown accustomed to using? They might not come back to your website. Keep your site current by keeping it maintained and using the upgrade features when they are available. If you don’t have the time, use a service that can do it for you.