10 Safe Ways to Drive Electric Motorcycles Inside the City

1. Make Them Looking At You
Wear bright colors especially helmets and jackets, this aims so that drivers or others on the street can see and know your existence. Because using a black or dark jacket makes the driver or others unaware of your existence on the road. If you still want to use a dark-colored jacket, try wearing a vest with reflective color on it, for detail electric motor viar

2. Staying in the Open Zone
Drive a motorcycle on a safe lane, do not pass through crevices where you will not be visible due to blind spots, keep it always in the open zone for drivers or others to know your whereabouts.

3. Look around
Do not just focus on looking straight ahead. Make sure you look to the right and left and your surroundings to know the environment and road conditions. This is to avoid the incidence caused by other riders or pedestrians, even from the surrounding environment.

4. Finding Gaps and Solutions on the Road
Pay attention to road conditions by finding ways to avoid and pass large cars, this is useful for finding a way out of trouble when something happens on the road.

5. Do not Overtake the Left
Do not assume that by flashing the light from the driver’s left or someone else will see you. Pay attention to other drivers by looking around to speed up and braking at the right time, and keep ahead of other vehicles from the right lane.

6. Running Interference
Perform interference by using another vehicle in front of you, if you do not know the condition of the road, let other vehicles pass first and touched, to avoid the hole or bad road if not familiar with road conditions.

7. Choose the Right Path Wisely
Make sure you’re on the right track, paying attention to fast and slow tracks, especially if there’s a traffic merge, do not position your vehicle squashed between the two sides or from either direction.

8. Note the Road Surface Condition
It not only considers the potholes or damaged road conditions. It’s important to avoid rocks or debris scattered on the road, and note other vehicles that may not be aware of this condition like you.

9. Maintaining Signal Discipline
Note the signal lights on your vehicle if you do not have an automatic system, always make sure in the correct position, do not leave in the light conditions to make other vehicles become confused, especially with singnal lights opposite direction with the driving path, of course this is very dangerous.

10. Firmness Keeps You Safe, not Aggressiveness
Do not be too aggressive and rush while driving, use the signal in the vehicle even if you need to use your hand to signal, especially when cutting the lane or turning. Do not feel convinced that you forget the signs to manage your environment.