4 new ways AWS customers are using Amazon Bedrock to transform advertising and marketing

AWS customers reveal generative AI-powered technologies at Cannes Lions, debut data privacy advancements

The advertising and marketing industry is no stranger to rapid transformation. At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity June 17—21, thousands of advertising, marketing, and media and entertainment professionals from around the world come together to celebrate innovative work and discuss how new technologies including generative AI help them better reach and connect with new audiences.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds a unique position to help advertisers and marketers create better campaigns more quickly and responsibly, deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences, and transform organizational productivity for improved return on investment with the most performant and scalable, lowest cost generative AI services, instances, and chips for advertising and marketing use cases. These topics were unpacked at A’Maison: The House of Amazon at Amazon Port where Amazon Ad’s Jay Richman, Formula 1’s Matt Kemp, and Founder and CEO of CreativeX, Anastasia Leng joined Samira Bakhtiar, general manager of Media & Entertainment, Games and Sports at AWS for a panel to discuss how Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed AWS service for building and scaling generative AI applications with foundation models, is used to reinvent advertising and audience engagement.

During this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, four AWS customers debuted new generative AI advertising and marketing technology developments backed by Amazon Bedrock. These advancements include:

  • GrowthLoop built an advanced Computed Attributes feature using Amazon Bedrock and activated it with GrowthLoop’s composable customer data platform, allowing marketers to execute highly personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time with significantly less overhead. Read the full announcement, here.
  • SAS is integrating its SAS Customer Intelligence 360 marketing technology solution with Amazon Bedrock to help marketers create better campaigns through precise audience recommendation and enhanced emails for improved response rates, among other features. Read the full announcement, here.
  • Showpad unlocks seller productivity by integrating Amazon Bedrock to create personalized content, automate repetitive tasks, and gain deeper insights from data. Read the full announcement, here.
  • Zeta Global uses Amazon Bedrock within its Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) to combine insight and image generation within Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE) to provide better outputs. Read the full announcement, here.

With the pursuit of more personalized advertising and marketing, data privacy is expected to dominate conversation at Cannes Lions. To securely collaborate with partners, and without sharing raw data, many companies use AWS Clean Rooms. As Cannes Lions kicks off this week, AWS teams with its customers to highlight the following developments:

  • AppsFlyer expands its AppsFlyer Data Collaboration Platform (DCP) offering for brands and commerce media networks to include an integration for AWS Clean Rooms. Read the full announcement, here.
  • Lotame and The Weather Company are leveraging AWS Clean Rooms in their longstanding partnership to optimize data collaboration and analytics capabilities. Read the full announcement, here.
  • Upwave enhanced its analytics platform with AWS Clean Rooms for customers and partners to securely collaborate on collective datasets. Read the full announcement, here.

AWS has long provided secure, purpose-built solutions to customers and partners in the advertising and marketing industries that enable efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. These latest collaborations are an extension of those efforts. For the latest updates from AWS and AWS Partners at Cannes Lions, check out the AWS LinkedIn page. Learn more about building with generative AI on AWS, using AWS Clean Rooms, and read our most recent advertising and marketing customer case studies from Formula 1 and Coca-Cola. Finally, be sure to visit the following pages to learn more about how AWS supports Media & Entertainment and Advertising and Marketing customers.