40 leading Android developers to follow on Twitter

Android continues to lead the world in mobile market share. The open source operating system has a community of developers as vast and diverse as the ecosystem itself, so it wasn’t hard to find dedicated, engaged Android developers sharing helpful news, tutorials, and ideas on Twitter.

This list has a lot of Google developer experts and mobile Java experts who are sure to keep you up to date on skills and tools once you start following them. Here are the 40 Android experts you should follow.

Chiu-Ki Chan


After 6-plus years as a software engineer at Google and more than a year developing at two startups, Chiu-Ki Chan now runs her own mobile development company, Square Island. Chan is a public speaker, a Pluralsight course author, and teaches in Caster.io videos. She is also the co-creator of Android Dialogs and runs the 360|AnDev conference.

Jake Wharton


Jake Wharton was there at the beginning of Android, coding for the platform before he even knew that it would dominate the mobile landscape and end Blackberry’s dominance. He’s been an Android engineer at Square for more than four years, and he’s a major contributor to RxJava (reactive extensions for the JVM) and RxAndroid (RxJava bindings for Android). 

Donn Felker


Donn Felker is a co-host of the Fragmented Podcast and the founder of Caster IO—a bite-sized video lessons site for Android development (like RailsCasts for Android). He’s also  the author of Android Application Development for DummiesAndroid Tablet Application Development for Dummies, and he contributed a chapter to Android Developer Tools.

Kaushik Gopal


Kaushik Gopal is the other co-host of Fragmented Podcast. He currently works as a senior Android engineer at Instacart, and maintains an Android NTP time library, open sourced by Instacart, called truetime-android.

Annyce Davis


Annyce Davis develops for Off Grid Electric, a company on a mission to power homes across rural Africa with solar energy. She has over a decade of development experience, and has been an Android developer for 5 years.  Davis specializes in building resilient online-offline app experiences, and she’s an instructor on Caster IO.

Kristin Marsicano


Kristin Marsicano is an Android developer and senior instructor at Big Nerd Ranch, a highly successful developer training company. She has also co-authored the Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Android Programming, and is a published academic researcher in the field of human-computer interaction. She also participates in Google’s exploration of a visual programming language to be used in Computer Science education.

Nick Butcher


Android design and developer advocate Nick Butcher has spoken at countless mobile conferences and events on behalf of Google and the Android community. He has also written an Android app that aggregates design news and inspiration while also serving as a perfect example of material design techniques.

Reto Meier


Reto Meier is an Android developer advocate at Google. Along with conference speaking, Meier is known for his Professional Android Application Development book series. He is also a lecturer in Google’s official Android fundamentals course on Udacity.

Roman Nurik


Roman Nurik is an Android design advocate who works on Firebase, a mobile development platform and backend from Google. Check out his design portfolio.

Huyen Tue Dao


Huyen Tue Dao works for Trello as an Android developer. She’s the co-creator of Android Dialogs and speaks at conferences and meet-ups. She’s also an instructor on Caster IO.

Rebecca Franks


A senior Android developer by day and a baker by night, Rebecca Franks speaks frequently at conferences and meet-ups. In her spare time she works on the Android app for Book Dash, a non-profit organization, to showcase free children’s books. Instead of the common “buy me a beer” buttons to tip a good blog post, she has a “buy me a cupcake” dropdown.

Cyril Mottier


Cyril Mottier is the head of mobile and web development at Captain Train, a train ticket booking service. He’s both an Android developer and designer who has been a speaker on the Android and Java conference circuits for the past six years.

Chris Banes


Chris Banes works on Google’s Android developer relations team as a developer programs engineer. He’s the author of several popular Android support libraries. He’s also an annual speaker at many Android conferences, including Droidcon London, NYC, Berlin, and more.

Dave Smith


Dave Smith is an Android and embedded/IoT developer as well as a frequent speaker and trainer. He is the founder of his own training and development firm, Wireless Designs. As the name of his company indicates, he’s very enthusiastic about the IoT space.

Chet Haase


Chet Haase is the lead developer for Google’s Android UI toolkit. He’s a frequent conference speaker and he also writes humorous poems and performs comedy.

Tor Norbye


Tor Norbye is Google’s technical lead for Android Studio and a frequent conference speaker. He has experience working on the development of several major Java IDEs including Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans.

Lars Vogel


Lars is the project lead for Eclipse’s platform UI and e4. He’s the founder of Vogella, a massive training and tutorials site for Java, Android, and Eclipse. He’s also an experienced conference speaker and the author of several developer books.

Romain Guy


Romain Guy is the manager of the Android graphics team at Google. He has spoken at major conferences including Devoxx and Google I/O. Romain is also a professional photographer.

Jesse Wilson


Jesse Wilson is an Android developer at Square. He’s worked on open source projects such as GSON, Guice, Guava, and Shush.

Lisa Wray


Lisa Wray is the sole Android developer at Genius. She was previously on the developer relations team at Google and she also built the New York Times app for Google Glass. Wray also does conference speaking makes fun natural language generators.

Taylor Ling


Taylor Ling is a self-described Android/UI/UX/IA/IX Designer for Snappymob. He is an Android UX conference speaker and organizer.

Philippe Breault


Philippe Breault is a senior Android developer at American Express. He is a speaker at Android meetups and conferences who has written many tips for Android Studio.

Zarah Dominguez


Zarah currently works as an Android developer at Domain.com.au. She’s also a Women Techmakers lead and helps organize GDG Sydney and the Android User Group there.

Mark Allison


Mark Allison is the director of the consultancy Styling Android Limited. He has also been a speaker at conferences such as Droidcon.

Daniel Lew


Daniel Lew, an Android developer at Trello, also gives talks at local meet-ups and conferences. He’s the author of an Android-specialized version of the popular date-time library for Java, Joda time.

Dan Kim


Dan Kim is an Android programmer at Basecamp. He often contributes posts to their popular company blog, Signal vs. Noise.

Katherine Kuan


Katherine Kuan is a developer advocate at Google and she is an instructor for Google’s Udacity course on Android fundamentals.

Erik Hellman


Erik Hellman runs his own software consultancy, Hellman Software AB, which focuses on Android, IoT, and cloud development. He also worked at Spotify and authored Android Programming: Pushing the Limits. He is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit.

Ryan Harter


Ryan Harter is the founder of his own consultancy, Analog Ocean. He’s a regular Android conference speaker, an instructor for Caster IO, and he also helps organize GDG Chicago West.

Saúl Molinero


Saúl Molinero is an Android developer for Popsy – Buy & Sell. He’s done numerous talks on Android topics, and Google Launchpad mentorships.

Ty Smith


Ty Smith is an Android developer at Uber who’s former employers include Twitter and Evernote. He helps organize San Francisco’s Droidcon and Android user group.

Mike Nakhimovich


Mike Nakhimovich is the co-founder of friendlyrobot.nyc, an Android development shop. He’s also the lead Android engineer for The New York Times.

Wiebe Elsinga


Wiebe Elsinga is a technical lead at Egeniq and a frequent conference speaker. He also is the co-founder and organizer of the Dutch GDG Android user group.

Kelly Shuster


Formerly an embedded firmware engineer, Kelly Shuster now works as an Android engineer for Ibotta. She is a speaker at conferences all over the world, and covers tech diversity topics as well as Android topics. Shuster is also the director for Women Who Code Denver.

Florina Muntenescu


Florina Muntenescu is a senior Android developer at upday. She’s spoken at several conferences on topics such as RxJava and MVVM.

Joe Birch


Joe Birch, an Android engineer at Buffer, previously worked at the development shop, ribot. He’s also done some freelance photography, and has recently given several talks at major Android conferences.

Jan-Lk Else


Jan-Lk Else has started his own Android and mobile magazine, Appydroid. His twitter account tracks many of the major stories that affect developers and consumers in the Android ecosystem.

James Fenn


Double Dot Labs co-founder James Fenn has several published apps on the Google Play Store. He enjoys running, and doesn’t like PHP, as his Twitter feed reveals.

Danny Preussler


Danny Preussler is a self-described Android craftsman at Groupon. He goes to so many conferences that he’s given himself the title of conference nomad. Preussler previously worked at eBay.



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