Alissa Wahid on Hijab & its Relation to Women’s Freedom of Expression


For a long time, the daughters of Indonesia’s fourth president Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur have worn the hijab in a distinctive style. They choose a scarf to be used as a head covering. This style of wearing the hijab was also popularized by female Islamic figures in the world, such as Benazir Bhutto, who also served as Prime Minister of Pakistan. But according to Alissa Wahid, Gus Dur’s first child, this hijab style has been used for generations from his grandmother and mother.

“The way I wear a headscarf is to respect him (Nyai Hj. Sholichah Wahid) and my mother. KZL if anyone insults him is less Islamic. Hijab Lha bu nyai Solichah was guided directly by 4 great scholars: KH Hasyim Asy’ari, KH Bisri Syansuri, KH Wahab Hasbullah, and her husband: KH Wahid Hasyim. Lack of Islam, “wrote Alissa Wahid on her personal Instagram account.

Often Alissa’s hijab style gets less pleasant comments. Many consider the hijab to be less Islamic because the hair and neck are still visible. In fact, according to him, this is just a matter of perception. Alissa Wahid said that now there are many interpretations about hijab.

“We see it this way, people can claim that only what they believe is true, so they think others are wrong, only they are right. In the context of the hijab, I think this is more dangerous. In fact, Kiai Haji Hasyim Asyari who is considered an influential Kiai , his wife’s veil is also like this and before it was not a problem. Unisma In fact, the wife of a scholar has no problem wearing a headscarf like this,” said Alissa Wahid in an interview with the She Inspires Award MMMI 2021 with coilWOMAN.

According to him, currently there are many claims of truth that there is only one type of veiling. While the hijab itself has various interpretations and shows a spectrum. That it is not only certain hijab models that must be followed.

“So when the truth claim began to develop that there is only one type of hijab, I immediately thought of my grandmother Nyai Solichah, a very great woman. She has led the NU organization, members of the DPR, and P3 politicians for quite a while. My grandmother is hooded,” he explained.

This is also a way for Alissa to make different interpretations of the hijab in society exist. Because abroad or other Islamic countries, the hijab style that is believed to be also very diverse. “If we go abroad more diversely, many Muslim women from Saudi Arabia do not wear the hijab, or wear it in a different way and that’s fine. It’s a matter of social development. It’s okay as long as it’s not a claim of justification and not blaming each other. .. People choose to wear the hijab like what is important is her choice,” she concluded.

He also said that the choice of hijab style is the right of women. Hijab This can be a way for women to show their own self-expression through the hijab they wear. “The point is, when there are many interpretations, women have the right to make choices. Don’t then be forced. For me that is more important,” concluded Alissa Wahid.