Android apps could get better as Google tightens noose around developers

Last updated: November 10th, 2023 at 19:25 UTC+01:00

Android apps have improved a lot over the years, and Google deserves most of the credit for it. The company has maintained the Play Store for well over a decade and constantly brought new rules and regulations to improve the quality and safety of apps. Now, Google wants to improve the quality of Android apps even further through some additional mandated testing.

Google wants app developers to test their apps better to improve their quality

Developers with new Google Play Store accounts will be required to test their apps with at least 20 people for a minimum of two weeks before releasing it to general consumers via the Play Store. This requirement will start rolling out in the next few days. This two-week time will allow developers to gather most of the bigger bugs, gather feedback, and solve them. Google says developers who use its testing tools get three times more installs compared to those who don’t. Those developers also get more engagement on their apps and games.

Android App Testing Google Play Store

Android app developers with existing apps on the Play Store have to meet verification requirements, and developers can choose their own verification deadline. However, if they don’t choose their deadlines by February 29, 2024, a deadline will be chosen for them automatically. Google said some developers might take more time than others for verification, especially those who develop apps for kids or those apps that have specific requirements.

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Google is also spending more resources on testing new apps so that they provide a good user experience and do not deceive users, especially children. The company will offer badges to apps that are published by governments or for government use. Google is also looking at other signifiers that will help users get apps that they’re looking for.

The company will also surface apps that are more suited to a user’s device form factor. Play Store will also try to surface more higher-quality local and regional apps. So, expect apps to start improving in the future.