Android Auto Google Maps bug causes navigation to continue

Recent updates to Android Auto and Google Maps are leaving the navigation app open when you leave the car, which is an annoying little bug.

Android Auto just saw its 10.0 release last week, and in the days following a new bug has popped up. As always, Android Auto launches Google Maps when your phone is connected, whether that’s wired or wireless, and you can run navigation from the infotainment display. But, since the most recent updates, many have noticed that Google Maps will continue running, even once you’ve left the car.

The issue leaves a Google Maps notification ongoing on your Android phone with your navigation status. This persists even after the Android Auto session in your car has ended, and continues until you hit the “exit navigation” option.

Personally, I’ve been seeing this for almost a week on Google Pixel Fold running on Android Auto v10.0, as well as Google Maps v11.88. Several on Reddit have also noted the same problem with various Samsung and Pixel phones, and it seems to be happening both wired and using wireless adapters like Motorola MA1 or AAWireless.

This isn’t really a major issue, as hitting “exit navigation” patches things up, but it’s still something we hope to see fixed.

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