Android Auto is getting a new Google Maps redesign

Google Maps is preparing two updates including an Android Auto redesign that’s rolling out now.

Attached to recent Google Maps updates and independent of your Android Auto version, a new design for the Maps app on Android Auto is rolling out. This new design adds a sidebar to the Maps experience in your car where controls live.

Where previous designs showed map controls off to the right side when you interacted with the map, but this new design constantly shows these controls. You’ll see zoom controls, the ability to chance the map’s orientation, adjust what directions are said aloud, and access settings. All of those controls are shown on a translucent bar on the left side of the screen.

Notably, this only appears when the app is displayed on the entire screen. It won’t show up in the dashboard view.

We’re seeing the change live on Android Auto v10 with Google Maps v11.90, but SmartDroid cites a reader who saw the redesign with Android Auto v9.9.

If you’re seeing this new design, drop a comment below and let us know!

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