Authority Link Building Service

Online promotion, link building, and content creation are all parts of the complex puzzle of website marketing. Webmasters must deal with the issues of “how to increase my organic traffic.” Only a few well-funded websites can afford full marketing integration and have the budgets to pay for it.

Organic traffic to a website can be the most critical aspect of building your site. You must deal with the 800 lb gorilla in search marketing. Google is tired of all the fake content and schemes that have taken over the internet. Create unique content with no link building schemes. Link building is critical to your success. A quality link from another authority site tells Google, your content is relative and vital. The more of these authority links you have, the better.

An authority link building service is one such avenue to take, other than doing the work yourself. Link building services are often associated with spam SEO. If you want your site to be dropped from Google fast, partner with this type of site. Essential criteria to look for in a link building service. The service should be able to deliver these types of links.

  • Link diversity: A service may sell you on this wonderful plan with twenty links every month, look closer. If the links all come from one or two link farms, keep searching. Link diversity means having various links across different platforms (blogs, social media, etc.) with different anchor text. Google’s algorithm is not stupid. It will pick up any scheme like authority sites to the same anchor text. Link diversity will also help when the algorithm changes.
  • Authority Links: Websites have a degree of trust and authority to them based on age, quality, and size. It is these types of sites you want to establish links with. Authority links are not handed out arbitrarily though. If your site is lucky enough to garner one of these links, it has powerful ranking behind it. As your site gains a reputation, you may have to use greater quantity, lower authority links.
  • Quality Links: A website should strive to be an expert in it’s chosen theme. You should search out other sites like your and establish links back to your site. Google looks for these quality links. When another similar site links back to yours, it is a vote of confidence. It tells Google, your site is a quality resource.

It is essential to look for services that are strictly white-hat, with no scheme associated with it. When you are doing your research, here are a few things to look for.

  • Do they ask questions and then try to develop a strategy or the other way around?
  • What country is their base of operations?
  • Do they offer an online dashboard or send you a report every few days?
  • Ask for previous work?
  • Where are they getting their links from and are they in your niche?
  • Are they contacting the linking website or are they using software to establish fake links?
  • How long have they been in business?