Awestruck Soars to #25 on the Inc. 5000, Clinching 2nd Spot in Advertising & Marketing

A significant factor in Awestruck’s meteoric rise has been the emergence of their OTT campaign management brand, Ideal. Initially conceptualized as a dedicated resource for their destination partners, Ideal swiftly evolved beyond its initial scope. Recognizing the immense potential of streaming media, the brand began catering to direct clients spanning various advertising verticals. Its adaptive approach and specialized strategies have solidified Ideal’s reputation in the space and positioned Awestruck as a definitive OTT trailblazer.

The co-founders remarked, “This accomplishment is a testimony to our unwavering dedication, our value of fanatical client engagement, and the relentless efforts of our incredible team. We owe this honor to every member of the Awestruck family and our esteemed clientele who have believed in our vision from day one.”

Awestruck takes a moment in this significant milestone to deeply thank its devoted clients and the unwavering Awestruck team, both of whom have shown steadfast belief in our mission of Fanatical Client Engagement, Jaw-dropping Expertise, and Unyielding Innovation. It’s these foundational principles and the collective efforts of everyone involved that have propelled Awestruck to its esteemed position in the industry today.

As Awestruck looks towards the future, the agency is poised for explosive growth and excellence, driving unparalleled value for its clients and redefining the boundaries of the advertising and marketing domain.

About Awestruck:

Founded in 2019 by Dave Marcy, Nat Collins, and Ryan Sprance, Awestruck is a leading advertising & marketing agency specializing in destination marketing. With their proprietary brand, Ideal, they are at the forefront of OTT/Connected TV media buying. Awestruck’s core value centers around fanatical client engagement, industry-leading expertise, and innovative strategies, ensuring top-tier service in all endeavors.

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