Better late than never: Surface Duo and Duo 2 get July 2023 firmware update

A Surface Duo running Minecraft Dungeons using Xbox Cloud Gaming with controls on the bottom screen

Better late than never: Microsoft has again released a late firmware update for its dying dual-screen smartphone lineup. The July 2023 update is now available for the first and second-generation Surface Duo, bringing traditional Android security patches and fixes.

Surface Duo 1 Surface Duo 2
Update Version 2022.902.32 2023.429.46
Update Size ~115MB ~135MB
What is new

Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin – July 2023.

Extra Information The update is available for unlocked Surface Duo devices in North America and Europe. Locked and unlocked AT&T devices will get the release later. The update does not require extra steps to perform before or after installation.
Known Bugs No known bugs in this update. However, customers continue reporting issues with taking screenshots using the Volume Down Button + Power Button combination.
Device Supported Until September 10, 2023 October 21, 2024

Microsoft’s Surface Duo smartphones currently run Android 12L, and the latest rumors indicate that customers should not hold their breaths for an official upgrade to Android 13. Microsoft will stop supporting the original Surface Duo in one month, but even the second generation is unlikely to receive another Android upgrade. The company reportedly discontinued its ill-fated dual-screen smartphone with no more plans for major software updates.

Still, enthusiasts are not giving up on the Surface Duo. The original variant keeps getting unofficial drivers for running Windows 10 and 11 (the most recent release introduced Miracast support and various fixes), plus you can upgrade the smartphone to an unofficial Android 13 port. All those efforts will help this unique smartphone live for a little longer.

There are rumors about a foldable and even regular-looking smartphone from Microsoft. Still, the company will have to try extremely hard to regain consumer trust with such lackluster software support and another failed attempt on the mobile market.