Blackmagic Camera pro video app arrives on Android

Blackmagic Design, known for their professional video production cameras and editing software, is expanding the reach of the powerful Blackmagic Camera app to Android devices and I couldn’t be more excited! Following its launch on iPhones last September, the app is now available on select Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones, offering the same high-end features and seamless integration with Blackmagic’s ecosystem.

The app, compatible with Android 13 and later, currently supports the Samsung Galaxy S23, S24, and Google Pixel 7/8 lineups. While there’s no word yet on expanding to other Android devices, this initial release already caters to a substantial user base and perhaps they will open up to additional devices down the road.

Blackmagic Camera app on Google Pixel 8a

So, what’s the big deal? Well, unlike the native camera apps that come built-in on our phones, the Blackmagic Camera will give users granular control over settings like frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO. These are settings that I rely on when filming with our big Sony camera and although I’ve had similar settings through paid apps like Filmic Pro previously, it’s incredible to see Blackmagic offer this level of professional video control in a free app.

The app’s interface mirrors its iPhone counterpart, featuring an intuitive heads-up display (HUD) that overlays essential shooting information. A simple tap on a HUD element reveals detailed settings, streamlining adjustments on the fly. The app can also record directly to Blackmagic Cloud, allowing users to easily collaborate with editors and post-production teams worldwide.

Additional features include professional monitoring tools like zebra patterns for exposure checks, focus assist, frame guides, and much more. Audio recording options are robust too, with VU or PPM meters available. Users can choose between H.264 and H.265 recording formats, and resolutions can reach up to 8K for supported devices. This level of settings control in a free app is wild!

Blackmagic Camera even integrates a chat workspace, allowing Blackmagic Cloud project members to communicate seamlessly within the app. This fosters real-time collaboration, enabling discussions about shots, sharing of creative ideas, and instant updates without switching between apps.

The Blackmagic Camera app for iPhone has been incredibly popular since it was launched last year. We are excited to be able to give customers with Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phones the same controls for shooting digital film as our professional cameras.

Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO

With its arrival on Android, the Blackmagic Camera app is here to make professional-grade filmmaking tools much more accessible, giving content creators a powerful, free solution to capture high-quality video and collaborate easily on projects. I’ve never used their cameras but know that many video podcasters and other videographers swear by them so I’m excited to test out this app.