2024 AD E-Commerce & Marketing Summit Unites Leaders

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The 2024 AD E-Commerce & Marketing Summit gathered digital and marketing experts from AD owner/members, suppliers, and e-commerce partners from Feb. 12-14.

Over 500 participants convened in San Antonio for a week filled with panel discussions, workshops, networking and collaborative opportunities.

AD’s annual meeting theme, “Be Different,” provided the foundation for the summit’s programming, supporting the key topics of this year’s agenda: AI, automation, and integration. These topics served as a vehicle to empower digital and marketing leaders with insights into emerging technologies and evolving business models to set their businesses apart.

“This week highlighted the remarkable culture within the AD eCommerce and Marketing community. As we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s imperative to embrace innovation and differentiation through a trusted partner like AD,” said Caroline Ernst, vice president, E-Commerce Solutions. “By leveraging emerging technologies and pioneering strategies, we can stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the digital shift. This summit serves as an essential avenue for leveraging the growth of our community and finding more opportunities to connect with one another.”

Attendees at the summit were offered four content tracks, featuring panel discussions and roundtables tailored to their specific interests and areas of expertise within eCommerce and marketing. The tracks included:

  • Digital Leaders
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Content
  • Marketing Leaders

Two keynote speakers shared their industry insights and expertise with summit attendees. Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute, discussed how AI transforms marketing for manufacturers and distributors. Then, Jessie Johnson, principal analyst at Forrester, spoke about ways to leverage AI to differentiate yourself from the competition.

During the event, members and service providers took part in structured booth sessions to explore partnership opportunities and discuss innovations that can support their businesses.In addition, e-commerce and marketing network members engaged in

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What OTT advertising will look like in 2024, according to industry leaders

The media and entertainment industry has seen many shifts over the last few years. The streaming wars began during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and then Disney+ launched in Asia a year later.

The SAG-AFTRA strikes in 2023 has also since put major studios (theatrical and streaming alike) on a long pause while the world watched Netflix’s subscribers dwindle as they got stricter on password-sharing over the last year. 

As we head into 2024, the streaming industry will continue to evolve, presenting a new set challenges and opportunities for marketers and advertisers. In fact, the streaming model is likely to shift from subscriber growth to profitability, according to Deloitte.

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Media and entertainment companies with streaming video services are considering charging extra for premium content, reintroducing contracts and delivering more ads to viewers, continued Deloitte. Whether consumers want to see ads or not – this only means one thing for marketers and advertisers: more ad-value. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE spoke to five leaders in the industry to find out what marketers can expect from the streaming industry in 2024, and their advice on OTT advertising. 

Nizwani Shahar, chief executive officer, Havas Malaysia

Nizwani said that the streaming industry is shifting towards hyper-personalisation and interactive content.

This evolution, according to Nizwani, goes beyond conventional narratives and embraces immersive experiences that foster deep engagement. 

In 2024, Shahar anticipates a significant rise in AI-driven recommendations and real-time content integration.

This is especially since streaming platforms are likely to increasingly leverage artificial intelligence to understand viewer preferences. This in turn allows them to offer tailored suggestions and enhance the overall user journey. 

This means marketers venturing into streaming on platforms need to prioritise authentic storytelling.

Align your messaging with the platform’s ethos,

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Hollywood Tech Meets Corporate Marketing

In a world where the line between virtual and reality blurs more each day, one visionary sees an opportunity to revolutionize the corporate sector with a touch of Hollywood magic. Enter Jake Hawkins, a film director turned digital marketing pioneer, who is leveraging cutting-edge technology from blockbuster hits like The Mandalorian and The Batman to craft immersive promotional materials for businesses. By integrating Unreal Engine into marketing strategies, Hawkins’ venture, TheRedRed, is setting the stage for a new era of consumer engagement through photo-realistic, interactive AR and VR experiences.

From Big Screen to Business Frontline

Jake Hawkins, with a commendable background in filmmaking and academia at the University of Winchester, is not a stranger to innovation. His latest endeavor with TheRedRed aims to bridge the gap between the captivating visual effects seen in movies and the static nature of traditional corporate promotions. By doing so, Hawkins is not just changing the way companies present themselves but is also redefining how customers interact with brands. Imagine stepping into an eco-site as a potential investor through a virtual reality experience or exploring a virtual storefront where products come to life in your living room. This isn’t a glimpse into the distant future but the reality Hawkins is creating today.

Empowering Brands with Unreal Possibilities

The core of Hawkins’ revolutionary approach lies in the utilization of Unreal Engine, a tool renowned for its ability to create hyper-realistic virtual environments. The technology, which has been pivotal in producing some of the most visually stunning sequences in film and television, is now at the disposal of businesses aiming to captivate their audience through TheRedRed‘s services. Platforms like Meta Quest and Vision Pro are becoming gateways to these extraordinary brand experiences, offering consumers a new way to visualize and interact with products in real-time, immersive

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The Pitch: Advertising and marketing news for 2.27.24

Virginia Family Dentistry – So Many Smiles from The King Agency on Vimeo.

The King Agency released a campaign for Virginia Family Dentistry to promote the practice’s 50th anniversary. The campaign includes print and digital ads and a 30-second spot filmed by BES Studios. The time-lapse-style spot was created using still images and depicts generations of patients passing through its waiting room over five decades. The ad is running on local broadcast, Hulu and YouTube.

King Agency opened an office in Atlanta, its first expansion outside Virginia. The office is located at 800 Battery Ave. SE, The Battery, Suite 100, and adds to a satellite office in Virginia Beach that it opened in 2019.

Red Orange Studio created a visual identity and developed a new website for FirstSpark, an early childhood education nonprofit based in Newport News. The branding and website work followed a naming and brand strategy process led by Brand Federation.

Evergib was hired by Brixmor Property Group, a New York-based real estate investment trust, to develop a digital ad campaign targeting small business owners for its shopping centers in Houston, Atlanta, and Port St. Lucie, Florida. The agency is working with Karnes Coffey on a brand refresh for Prologue Systems, a local tech firm focused on 3D laser scanning and reality capture services.

Overcoast contributed music and sound for ads for DoorDash, Geico and CarMax. The Geico and CarMax spots were produced by The Martin Agency.

General Cigar enlisted St. Louis agency Moosylvania to promote the newest cigar in its Flathead line. Work included an AI vehicle designer tool for the Richmond-based manufacturer, which has worked with the agency for over a decade.


A screenshot of the vehicle designer tool created

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Gen-Z Behavior and Their Influence on Pharma Marketing and Advertising

Tell me about your background and what led to the founding of your company, Sooth.

Oh gosh, my background, I spent 35 years in the agency business, and have a pretty unique background for an agency person because usually you’re like your career, you know, account leader or your Career Strategist or your career creative. Actually, my career spent doing all three, it divides up about half the time in strategy, but I started and account management, I had been president of a few agencies, I’ve been Chief Strategy Officer, three agencies, I was Chief Creative Officer at an agency for seven years. So, I wore every hat you can wear in the agency space and decided to pivot out of the agency business at the end of 2022. Because I had codified a very unique way of strategic problem solving and approaching marketing strategy. Once I realized that it was a repeatable, that actually it was worthy of patent protection. We have a patent pending now for our method spun out of the agency world and launched soon. So, we’ve been up and running now for a bit over a year. It’s a practice dedicated to helping brands connect on an emotional level with the people who buy their products and services.

What did your research around Gen-Z behavior look like and why did you choose to focus on them specifically?

So, Gen Z, they fascinate me for a number of reasons. First of all, I’m always interested in the evolution of how people socialize how people get things done, how people conduct business, we watched a tremendous acceleration of change through the pandemic, where, you know, we used to have these digital consumers and these more traditional consumers. And then because everyone was forced to use technology in

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Ad Intelligencer’s Full-Funnel Performance Marketing Approach Leads the Way in Paid Advertising for B2B and High-Ticket B2C

Bridging the gap between aspiration and achievement – Attract and nurture high-value leads and grow revenue with Ad Intelligencer’s impactful full-funnel data-driven strategies.

Ad Intelligencer, a leading B2B performance marketing agency, is setting new standards in full-funnel digital advertising.

Digital advertising has significantly evolved. Despite this, today’s marketing funnel is still plagued by friction as marketers strive to streamline their marketing efforts. Between juggling different advertising platforms, channels, ad strategies, targeting options, and communication/creative approach, marketers have their hands full. But there’s a game-changer expertly navigating the paid advertising ecosystem with its next-gen full-funnel data-driven approach: Ad Intelligencer.

Bringing together the best of marketing automation and performance marketing, Ad Intelligencer empowers B2B and high-ticket B2C businesses to build effective digital strategies while optimizing their ad spend across all relevant advertising platforms. The paid advertising and marketing automation agency leverages a data-driven strategic approach to provide clients with a clear vision of the dynamic world of paid advertising.

In a statement, Dragan Stevic, the founder of Ad Intelligencer, explained why the company’s approach for each client is to prioritize data-driven insights and adapt to every market change and competitor activities, “To stay competitive in the paid advertising ecosystem, you need to experiment constantly with new approaches and channels, measure everything, focus on small ‘wins’ and use data insights for incremental improvements, day by day.”

Ad Intelligencer is defined by its comprehensive service suite featuring: Building digital strategies, B2B paid advertising, Marketing automation, Competitive insights, Account-based marketing, and Web analytics. Ad Intelligencer is set on transforming the paid advertising landscape, allowing clients to effectively reach and engage their target audiences throughout the whole advertising funnel, from brand awareness and considerations to sales and loyalty phases.

But that is just a glimpse of Ad Intelligencer’s

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