OnePlus Nord N20 SE Receives Firmware Update with Security Patch

OnePlus has started rolling out a firmware update for the global variant of the OnePlus Nord N20 SE. The update, labeled CPH2469_13.1.1.520(EX01), brings various fixes and the latest September 2023 Android Security Patch to enhance system security. This update addresses a severe zero-day vulnerability that could have allowed unauthorized access to the device without user interaction. Additionally, it fixes three critical vulnerabilities and resolves several less severe potential issues.

To ensure optimal security, it is highly recommended to keep smartphones up to date with the latest security patches. OnePlus Nord N20 SE users can check for updatesnavigating to Settings > About > System Update on their device.

Feedback and bug reports can be submittedusers encountering any issues while using the smartphone on a daily basis through the OnePlus Community. OnePlus values user feedback and strives to improve the overall experience.

Furthermore, OnePlus is actively working on the development of OxygenOS 14, based on the latest Android 14. The Open Beta program for OxygenOS 14 is already available for the OnePlus 11. Users can choose to participate in either the Closed Beta or Open Beta programs to experience the latest features firsthand.

The Closed Beta is currently available for the OnePlus Nord 3, OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite, OnePlus 11R, OnePlus 11 (with an Open Beta option), OnePlus Nord 2T, and OnePlus 10 Pro. These devices can enjoy OxygenOS 14, which introduces several new features, including the Trinity Engine.

Keeping devices updated with the latest firmware and security patches is crucial in maintaining device performance and safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities.

– OnePlus Community

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PlayStation 5 September 13 Firmware Update Available Now

PlayStation has globally released the new September 13 firmware update for the PlayStation 5. The update is available now regardless of where you are in the world.

The latest PlayStation 5 update includes several features, including more ways to customize your multiplayer experience, new accessibility features, remote play on Android, and more. The company revealed further details on the September 13 update on their official website.

September Firmware Update for the PlayStation 5 Details

PlayStation 5 New Firmware Update

Several new features introduced in the latest firmware update were tested in July with a software beta. The major highlights from that beta are:

  • New accessibility features, such as using a second DualSense controller for assistance
  • New audio options that allow 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech to be enjoyed on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices
  • New ways to connect with other players and customize your multiplayer sessions
  • Support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs (up to 8TB).

There are also some new additions that aren’t carried over from the beta. For one, Android phones and select Android TVs now support remote play. Fans can now play any game of their choice through the power of the cloud on iOS and Android. Further, there will also be some new PlayStation App updates: You can now react to messages with emojis and see a preview of someone’s Share Screen before joining the party on the app.

Additionally, the new update includes some new quality-of-life updates. These include:

  • The ability to use a second controller for assistance
  • Support for haptic feedback while navigating the PS5
  • Share screen preview
  • Search for games in the library
  • Game help improvements
  • Mute PS5 beep sound
  • Party UI features are much more ease-of-use

Certain features, such as game help, are exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. Regardless, most features in the new firmware update

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Samsung Galaxy A54 beats the Galaxy S22 in getting a taste of One UI 6 beta

The Android 14-based One UI 6 beta program for Samsung’s mid-ranger is live in Korea


  • Samsung surprises with the release of the One UI 6 beta for the mid-range Galaxy A54, expanding its beta program beyond high-end devices.
  • One UI 6 brings a refreshed UI with new Quick Settings, notification layout, and updated camera app iconography for a modern look.
  • Frustrated Galaxy S22 owners have expressed disappointment as they await the Android 14 beta.

After several false starts, Samsung launched the Android 14-based One UI 6 beta for the Galaxy S23 series in the second week of August. Then, at the end of the month, the company expanded the program to more regions and dropped the second beta with bug fixes and other enhancements. Going by the company’s past track record, you’d expect the Galaxy S22 series and the Z Flip/Fold to be next in line to get a taste of the beta. But in a surprising move, Samsung has released the One UI 6 beta for the Galaxy A54.

The company announced the beta for one of the best mid-range Android phones on its Korean community forums. For now, the Android 14 firmware appears to be live in South Korea, but its availability should expand to more markets in the coming weeks. You can join the One UI 6 beta by tapping the program’s banner in the Samsung Members app.

Samsung Galaxy A54 One UI 6 beta banner

One UI 6 introduces a revamped Quick Settings panel, a new layout for notifications, and several other UI tweaks. The camera app has also received updated iconography that’s easier to understand. Plus, it gives the app a more modern look. Check out the best new One UI 6 features to know more about Samsung’s next major Android skin release.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung’s announcement is filled with comments from

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Pandora Malware Attacks Android TVs via firmware updates and pirated video

Pandora Malware Attacks Android TVs via firmware updates and pirated video

A new threat to Android devices named android[.]pandora has been identified that compromises the devices when pirated video content is installed or during firmware updates.

This malware belongs to the variant of Mirai Trojan, which has been used to infect smart devices and utilize a network of remotely controlled bots or “zombies” to launch DDOS.

Doctor Web has identified this malware as Android.Pandora.10 and its capabilities and shared the detailed report on its official page.

This malware targets users of Android TV-based devices with lower prices, especially users of the Tanix TX6 TV Box, MX10 Pro 6K, and H96 MAX X3.

Once the machine gets infected, it changes the files in the system directory, and the below objects have been installed to launch the trojan 

  • /system/bin/pandoraspearrk
  • /system/bin/supervisord
  • /system/bin/s.conf
  • /system/xbin/busybox
  • /system/bin/curl

Pandoraspearrk – Identified in the virus database as the Android[.]Pandora[.]2 backdoors and used to perform DDoS.

The supervisord – monitors the status of the pandoraspearrk executable and restarts the backdoor if it is terminated.

s.conf – stored the settings for Supervisord 

The busybox and curl command-line utilities with the same name are included for networking and file system operations.

This malware can be installed as part of a firmware update available for download on several places as Android Open Source Project test keys.


Installing pirated movie and TV apps is an alternative way malware invades Android devices.     

Once launched successfully, the device’s malicious programs can interact with open ports.

The backdoor downloads a host’s file to replace the original system file, starts the self-update process and becomes ready to receive commands.

By sending commands to an infected device, attackers can launch and stop DDoS attacks over the TCP and UDP protocols, perform SYN, ICMP, and DNS flood, open a reverse shell, mount Android TV system partitions in read/write mode, and

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Samsung expands Galaxy S23’s One UI 6 beta program to more countries

It also rolled out the second One UI 6 beta with several fixes and new animations


  • Samsung has released the second One UI 6 beta for the Galaxy S23 series with several fixes.
  • The latest firmware has addressed several bugs and includes the September 2023 patch.
  • One UI 6 beta program’s availability for the Galaxy S23 has also expanded to India and the UK.

After a false start, Samsung’s One UI 6 beta program for the Galaxy S23 series launched in the second week of August 2023. Based on Android 14, the latest skin for the best Galaxy phones brings some notable UI changes and plenty of other improvements. But being a beta, the first One UI 6 release was quite buggy. Plus, it was only available in a handful of markets. Samsung is now rolling out the second One UI 6 beta with several fixes and has expanded the program’s availability to more markets.

One UI 6 beta 2 is based on the ZWHO firmware and includes the September 2023 patch. While the first release was based on Android 14 Beta 4, the second firmware is based on an even newer build than Android 14 Beta 5. As for improvements, Samsung’s official release note mentions that a plethora of bugs have been squashed.

The change log accompanying the US build mentions several new features, including a revamped look for Samsung Health’s dashboard, improved video editing tools, the ability to copy files with two hands, and more. However, the redesigned Samsung Health does not appear to be a part of the firmware, and the company might push it as a separate update from the Galaxy Store.

Most user complaints with the first One UI 6 beta revolved around the poor animations and stutters. Early feedback suggests Samsung fixed the

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Surface Duo and Duo 2 get August 2023 firmware update

Fully open Surface Duo being held by its hinge in the middle

Microsoft has started rolling out a new firmware update for its Android-based Surface devices. The original Surface Duo and its second-generation sibling have received the latest Android security patches (August 2023) with nothing else in the change log.

What is new in the August 2023 firmware update for the Surface Duo Series?

Here are the official details:

Surface Duo 1 Surface Duo 2
Update Version 2022.902.48


Update Size TBD ~80MB
What is new

This update:

Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin – August 2023.

Extra Information The update is available for unlocked Surface Duo devices in North America and Europe. Locked and unlocked AT&T devices will get the release later. The update does not require extra steps to perform before or after installation.
Known Bugs No known bugs in this update. However, customers continue reporting issues with NFC on the Surface Duo 2 (the original Surface Duo does not support NFC).
Device Supported Until September 10, 2023 October 21, 2024

The August 2023 firmware update is one of the last releases for the original Surface Duo. Microsoft will stop supporting the smartphone later this month, so do not expect big OS upgrades, new features, or substantial fixes. Sadly, Microsoft’s latest attempt to disrupt the mobile market with a fresh and unique device fell flat on its face. Microsoft could not provide proper support for its own mobile operating system (rest in peace, Windows Phone), and history is repeating itself with Android.

Head to Settings > System > System Update and tap “Check for update” to install the latest updates. Not that you cannot uninstall firmware updates, so it is better to back up important data before proceeding.

In case you missed it, Microsoft is holding a Surface event later this month. We expect the company

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Xiaomi’s trying to catch up to Samsung’s firmware update policy

Last updated: August 22nd, 2023 at 15:49 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s been winning at the firmware update game for some years now. Not even Google can match the company’s firmware policy, but some rival OEMs have been trying to catch up. Xiaomi, or at least one of its subsidiaries, is among them.

This month, Xiaomi and its subsidiary, Redmi, announced a couple of new devices, including the MIX Fold 3 foldable phone and the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition, respectively. Neither seems to be coming to the global market, but for K60 customers in China, Xiaomi’s Redmi had a bit of a surprise.

The Xiaomi subsidiary announced that the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition will get four major Android OS upgrades and five years’ worth of security patches (via Android Authority). In other words, the K60 should enjoy a similar firmware update policy as the majority of Samsung Galaxy devices. At least, that’s the theory.

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Xiaomi/Redmi may still have a lot of catching up to do

Offering four OS upgrades and support for a total of five years is a step in the right direction for Xiaomi’s subsidiary. Nevertheless, only time will tell if Xiaomi and/or Redmi will enforce this new policy as well as Samsung did over the past few years.

As yet, there’s no word on whether this extended firmware policy will apply to additional smartphones besides the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition. Furthermore, it’s unclear if this policy will apply to Xiaomi phones sold globally or if it’s bound to China.

Redmi is definitely on the right track to offer more consumer-friendly devices that can be used, in theory, for half a decade without needing a replacement. But whether or not this new policy will bring Xiaomi and Redmi as much success as it did to

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There’s proof Samsung is working on Galaxy S22 One UI 6.0 firmware

Last updated: August 18th, 2023 at 16:37 UTC+02:00

While Samsung is hard at work testing One UI 6.0 for the Galaxy S23 series with the help of beta participants in a few countries, behind closed doors, the company is also working on bringing the update to the Galaxy S22 lineup.

Evidence of the first One UI 6.0 firmware for the Galaxy S22 Ultra now exists on Samsung’s servers. The One UI 6.0 update carries firmware version S908BXXU6ZWHE.

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The One UI 6.0 open beta for the Galaxy S22 is closing in

If you’re new to how things work behind the scenes, this One UI 6.0-based firmware version found on Samsung’s servers is not meant for public release. Once Samsung opens the One UI 6.0 beta program for the Galaxy S22 series, the update will likely have a different firmware version.

The takeaway here is the certainty that Samsung is working on bringing One UI 6.0 to the Galaxy S22 series as we speak. First through a beta program similar to the one for the Galaxy S23 and then through a public release for every Galaxy S22 user worldwide. Both events are likely to happen before the end of the year.

The One UI 6.0 update is a significant step in the right direction judging by the beta firmware for the Galaxy S23. The new version introduces a redesigned quick panel area, a new font, a variety of smaller changes across the UI, new widgets, beautified apps, and more.

Check out the video below for an in-depth look at One UI 6.0 beta running on the Galaxy S23. Most, if not all the features showcased in the video will be available for the Galaxy S22 series.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 update fixes bananagate issue, introduces 2x in-sensor zoom for photos

Galaxy S23’s August 2023 firmware packs a lot more changes than expected

Samsung was quick to roll out the August 2023 security update for the Galaxy S23 series right at the beginning of the month. Despite being a monthly security patch and the company’s accompanying release notes suggesting no major improvements, the update weighed a hefty 1.4GB. Now, Samsung’s Korean arm has published the official change log of the latest Galaxy S23 firmware, which contains a lot more changes than initially anticipated.

Firstly, the August update introduces a 2x zoom option in Photo and Video mode across the entire Galaxy S23 series. This feature uses in-sensor crop to deliver better image quality, a trick used by the Google Pixel 7 Pro as well. You’ll need to install the latest Camera Assistant to enable the 2x zoom option though. It comes a couple of months after Samsung added a 2x zoom for portrait mode to its 2023 flagship. Additionally, you can now use 2x zoom when recording videos in Super Steady mode on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Secondly, Samsung’s official change log mentions a reduction in motion blur when capturing moving subjects. This has been a longstanding issue with the company’s phones, and it remains to be seen if the August 2023 firmware fixes the problem for good. The third notable change is the optimized camera app’s performance when using various features in Photo/Video mode.

For Galaxy S23 and S23+ users, the good news is that the update claims to reduce the blurring caused by the bananagate issue. Samsung also claims to bump the frame rate from 24fps to 30fps when shooting videos in Portrait mode with Big Circle, Color Point, or Glitch effects. Other changes mentioned include optimized file size of motion photos and a new AI deep learning technology

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