Gmail’s ‘summarize this email’ feature could arrive on Android soon

What you need to know

  • Gmail for Android is potentially getting a smart upgrade utilizing AI to provide summaries of long emails.
  • The feature is powered by Gemini and is already available in the web version of Gmail, primarily aimed at users of the Gemini for Workspace suite.
  • A dedicated option for Gemini has also been spotted within the three-dot menu in email threads, although it currently doesn’t display any content.

Gmail on Android might soon pick up a smart upgrade to give you the lowdown on long emails using AI, saving you time digging for the important bits.

PiunikaWeb, in collaboration with AssembleDebug, uncovered a Summarize this email button in the Gmail app for Android. Clues pointing to this feature were hidden in version 2024.03.31.621006929 of the app.

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Take a look at the screenshot below, where you can see the button, although it’s not yet active.

Gemini-powered AI summaries in Gmail for Android

(Image credit: AssembleDebug / X)

This summarize button makes sense for long emails. It’s powered by Gemini and is already present in the web version of Gmail, which is accessible to users of the Gemini for Workspace suite. So, it’s not a huge surprise that it’s making its way to the Android app.

But according to Google’s support page, this feature is only applicable to email threads with more than two replies. Additionally, it’s clear that the Workspace feature is primarily intended for enterprise use.

On the other hand, this new button on the mobile app seems like it might be for everyone. As shown in the screenshot above, the button pops up just under the subject line. However, since this feature is still in its infancy, tapping this

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Google debuts ‘Gemini in Android Studio’ with a template for gen AI features

What you need to know

  • Google has announced the debut of “Gemini in Android Studio,” which removes the old “Studio Bot” in favor of more AI.
  • Through Android Studio Jellyfish (preview version), users can text with Gemini, asking it for tips on coding and more.
  • Google has included a Generative AI start-up template based on Gemini’s API so users can quickly add AI-powered app features.

Google is moving ahead with its “next chapter” of the Gemini era by introducing the AI’s Pro model in Android Studio.

As detailed in a press release, Android Studio supports Google’s Gemini 1.0 Pro model. Gemini has taken over the old “Studio Bot” that developers found during the platform’s introduction in 2023. The company states that AI should help app developers create their products “faster” and “easier.” Those developing apps through Android Studio will find a host of features, beginning with “Ask Gemini.”

Google states Gemini can understand “natural language” from users’ text queries. A chat window will be available to developers so they can type their questions to Gemini. The company adds that you can ask questions such as “how do I add camera support to my app?” and “What’s the best way to get location on Android?”

The article states that Gemini will remember what users have asked, opening up the possibility of asking follow-up questions.

Google Gemini in Android Studio lets developers ask the AI questions for coding assistance.

(Image credit: Google)

AI-powered code “completions” is another feature Gemini brings to the table. The AI is said to offer ideas on how developers can complete “multi-line” pieces of code. Additionally, users should also discover suggestions for code comments and ways to add documentation to their strings of code.

Gemini in Android Studio comes packed with its own “Generative AI app” starter template. This template is based on the Gemini model’s API so users can quickly plug

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Sunbird, the iMessage-for-Android app that got shut down, is back again


  • Sunbird relaunches its messaging app in beta with AV2 encryption protocol for enhanced message security and privacy.
  • The company promises improved security measures and organizational changes for a safer messaging experience.
  • It temporarily pulled the plug on its messaging app late last year due to security issues, such as lack of encryption for internal processes.

A bunch of messaging apps tried to link iOS and Android messaging, but Nothing (the phone company) came the closest with its Sunbird partnership. The London-based company joined forces with Sunbird to create Nothing Chats, a messaging service mirroring iMessage support. It’s like chatting with an iPhone user on Android—complete with messages, group chats, high-quality images, and voice notes. However, it was later discovered that the app wasn’t encrypting Apple login credentials when sending them out. This prompted Sunbird to pause its app on the Play Store last November due to security worries. Now, the company is re-launching the iMessage-for-Android app.

Sunbird announced in a press release the relaunch of its beta app with some major backend upgrades. The company said over 165,000 users have signed up for the waitlist, and invites are rolling out in small waves. Plus, this new version comes with loads of fixes, tweaks, and upgrades from the first round.

The company has revamped its earlier AV1 iMessage setup into something even better: AV2. This new system is intended to keep your messages safe by using a special program (MQTTS) to handle messages securely, kind of like an encrypted tunnel. As per Sunbird, once your message is decrypted and sent to the iMessage or RCS/Google Messages Network, it’s only stored in memory briefly, keeping your chats secure.

Nothing pulls its iMessage app from the Play Store following privacy disaster

Nothing Chats’ security protocols were seemingly non-existent

Sunbird made

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Early mentions of the Pixel 9 show up in the Google app


  • The latest beta version of Google app reveals new details specific to Pixel 9
  • The update had two files of interest, one of them being a setup animation
  • The Pixel 9 may introduce Pixie AI assistant that runs on Gemini

Like clockwork, the latest in the Pixel series will arrive later this year and with it, we’ll get Android 15 and also some new and exciting software features. While we have high anticipation for what’s to come, it looks like we’re getting a new leak that makes mention of the upcoming Pixel 9, showing up in the latest version of the Google app.

Google Pixel 9: News, leaks, rumored price, and release window

The Pixel 9 series is Google’s biggest mobile shakeup since Tensor — here’s what we’re expecting

This new piece of information was uncovered in the latest beta, version, and has some code that looks to be specific to the Pixel 9. And while it’s not the most exciting leak, it looks like there are some details relevant to the phone that could appear during the Google Assistant setup process.

Some new details but no reference to Pixie

The news comes from The SP Android, sharing two files, one of which actually has an animation file that could appear on the upcoming Pixel 9. You can see the animation in the image above, and while it’s cute, there really isn’t too much to see here — aside from the fact that Google appears content to stick with its Corporate Memphis art style into its next generation of hardware.

Pixel 9 setup animation

And we do know quite a bit about the Pixel 9 series already, which could arrive as a trio of devices later this year: the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL. As

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Here is Android 15’s new Private Space in action


  • Android 15 will introduce a new Private Space feature that creates a separate profile for hiding apps.
  • Google has been working on this feature since last year, and we recently showed off its new setup process and settings toggles.
  • Now, we can show off the Private Space feature in full before it has even launched.

Experts recommend setting a strong screen lock on your smartphone to prevent other people from accessing your data, but you may want also to enable an additional layer of security in case you have to hand your phone over to someone else. The Samsung Secure Folder feature offers an encrypted storage space for your files and apps, but it’s only available on Galaxy devices. Stock Android doesn’t currently offer a feature like Secure Folder, but that’s set to change with the upcoming Android 15 update.

Android 15 will introduce a new feature called Private Space, which is similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder. Although Google hasn’t announced this feature yet, we have gained an early look at it. Here’s what it’s like!

Android 15 Private Space

Private Space in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 versus QPR3 Beta 2 1

Back in December, I first spotted evidence that Google was working on a feature called Private Space. Although I managed to activate the feature, it wasn’t fully functional at the time. Plus, there were many placeholder assets and a “note to Googlers” on the settings page that said, “the development of this feature is still in progress.”

In the months since then, Google has made substantial progress on the Private Space feature, polishing the UX for the setup process, adding new privacy features, and improving home screen integration. However, I couldn’t fully enable the updated version of Private Space when I shared these changes in a post last week. After a bit more tinkering,

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Meteaure Polaris: A Beatmaking Mobile App for Android Users

Meteaure Polaris

Meteaure Polaris  · 


Meteaure Polaris: A Beatmaking Mobile App for Android Users

Meteaure Polaris: A Beatmaking Mobile App for Android Users  · 


Made for Android Tablets and Smartphones, Meteaure Polaris is a versatile music-making app with synthesis and sample-based sound engines.

Polaris is the Brainchild of developer Baptiste Le Goff. After working for six years as a software engineer and product manager for Arturia, he decided to conceptualize his passion for electronic music production and Android development.

Meteaure Polaris

As a musician, Baptiste was spurred on by the lack of beatmaking apps on Android, as well as the degree of audio latency on the platform. The Polaris platform is designed with the philosophy of Dawless electronic music making in mind. The idea is to put an exciting creative instrument in the palm of your hand as an Android user, rather than simply developing a miniature DAW system.

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More Information

Creating sounds on Polaris starts with the two sound engines. First, the sampling engine provides you with an extensive bank of sounds to get your ideas flowing. However, you can also load your own sample collection into Polaris, to build your own unique beat loops and soundscapes.

Next, the dual-oscillator synthesis engine allows you to shape leads, basses, plucks, and pads from scratch. Moreover, the multimode filter lets you adjust the frequency range and envelope whichever engine you’re working with.

One of the most exciting aspects of Polaris is its versatile sequencer. According to the developer, this has been inspired by the grooveboxes and drum machines of today, but there seems to be a definite nod to Elektron instruments.

Meteaure Polaris
Meteaure Polaris

Each of the

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