Bóng đá có phải là môn thể thao đi bộ chết không?


Một cuộc kiểm tra tình trạng của bóng đá Mỹ và một giải pháp toàn diện để đảm bảo cuộc sống tiếp tục của nó

Bóng đá đang chết dần vì bộ não của chúng ta không thể tiếp nhận nó. Đặc biệt hơn là bộ não của các cầu thủ bóng đá. Một điều quan trọng mà bạn có thể lưu ý trong tiêu đề của bài viết này là không có từ “chuyên nghiệp”, và đó là bởi vì tôi đang đề cập đến bộ não của tất cả các cầu thủ bóng đá chứ không chỉ chuyên nghiệp. Các phương tiện truyền thông đưa tin hiện tại có thể khiến bạn tin rằng mối quan tâm về chấn thương cơ bản trong bóng đá ngày nay – hậu quả của những chấn động lặp đi lặp lại hay cụ thể hơn là bệnh não chấn thương mãn tính (C.T.E.) – đặc biệt tập trung ở cấp độ chuyên nghiệp. Đây không phải là trường hợp. Có lẽ khía cạnh đáng báo động nhất của vấn đề này là nó là một vấn đề lâu dài và không phải là một vấn đề được sinh ra trong NFL hay CFL. Bản chất nghiêm trọng của vấn đề này đang nhận được một loạt nghiên cứu và bằng chứng ủng hộ sự đóng góp của bóng đá vào căn bệnh này đang dần được xây dựng, nhưng tôi sẽ để các nhà nghiên cứu nhiệm vụ xây dựng thêm các trường hợp khoa học và y tế. Thay vào đó, tôi sẽ tập trung bài viết này vào tác động của những kết quả nghiên cứu này đối với trò chơi mà người Mỹ rõ ràng yêu thích và cách trò chơi đó có thể được thay đổi theo … Read More ...

Alissa Wahid on Hijab & its Relation to Women’s Freedom of Expression


For a long time, the daughters of Indonesia’s fourth president Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur have worn the hijab in a distinctive style. They choose a scarf to be used as a head covering. This style of wearing the hijab was also popularized by female Islamic figures in the world, such as Benazir Bhutto, who also served as Prime Minister of Pakistan. But according to Alissa Wahid, Gus Dur’s first child, this hijab style has been used for generations from his grandmother and mother.

“The way I wear a headscarf is to respect him (Nyai Hj. Sholichah Wahid) and my mother. KZL if anyone insults him is less Islamic. Hijab Lha bu nyai Solichah was guided directly by 4 great scholars: KH Hasyim Asy’ari, KH Bisri Syansuri, KH Wahab Hasbullah, and her husband: KH Wahid Hasyim. Lack of Islam, “wrote Alissa Wahid on her personal Instagram account.

Often Alissa’s hijab style gets less pleasant comments. Many consider the hijab to be less Islamic because the hair and neck are still visible. In fact, according to him, this is just a matter of perception. Alissa Wahid said that now there are many interpretations about hijab.

“We see it this way, people can claim that only what they believe is true, so they think others are wrong, only they are right. In the context of the hijab, I think this is more dangerous. In fact, Kiai Haji Hasyim Asyari who is considered an influential Kiai , his wife’s veil is also like this and before it was not a problem. Unisma In fact, the wife of a scholar has no problem wearing a headscarf like this,” said Alissa Wahid in an interview with the She Inspires Award MMMI 2021 with coilWOMAN.

According to him, currently there are many claims of truth that Read More ...

7 different types of online casinos on the Internet

Indeed, despite the fact that the majority of online casinos seem to be the same, they still differ in the ways they attract customers, offered bonuses, a variety of games, etc. Therefore, at times, it is difficult for players to choose the right internet-based gambling website.

So, if you are looking for a casino that would suit your tastes and preferences then you should definitely check these 7 types of online casinos to be sure of the best choice.

Sports & Poker

Every single casino provides its clients with an enormous number of slots, e.g. lord of the ocean online, megabucks, magic wheel and many others. But they also offer other gaming products such as, for instance, sports betting and poker in addition to various games.

Selection of games

As it was mentioned above, all virtual casinos are doing their best to offer clients as many different, interesting and thrilling games as it is only possible, hence increasing the chances to get more customers. You will not find a casino with less than 500 games that include slots, table games, roulette and much more. So, if you would like to be spoilt with a great choice then online virtual casinos is exactly what you need.


Multiple bonuses and massive promotions are what lure people into the world of internet-based casinos. For example, making the first deposit it is possible to have it matched 200{3928a1cce9645efcfd52ac6a2b3db76f8e79ca25180fb193f42c1b0f48216d03} up to $200 as well as get almost 200 free spins. All the next deposits are matched 100{3928a1cce9645efcfd52ac6a2b3db76f8e79ca25180fb193f42c1b0f48216d03}. You will never find something similar in physical gambling houses. Therefore, always remember about happy hours, free spins, cash back offers and loyalty schemes to spend less money and become successful.

No deposit

If you are a beginner in this sphere and are afraid of risking … Read More ...

How Game Makers Earn Millions — 99¢ at a Time

You might have wondered at some point how it was possible for mobile game makers to generate any serious money for their efforts when you can download their creation for sometimes less than a dollar, or they even give it away for free.

Make no mistake, mobile gaming is a big business these days and it seems there is a captive audience that spends an average of over 2.5 hours each day using apps and the internet, with a high proportion of that time spent playing a game on their phone.

Mobile game revenue is running at close to $30 billion annually and it’s a figure that is growing at a phenomenal rate, so how do they get us to part with the cash in return for our entertainment?

There is no question that if you manage to hit on the right formula, it can be hugely popular. The trick is working out the right way to get your audience to pay for their entertainment, and that is where economies of scale can come into play.

If you are going to visit a store and buy the latest Xbox game, for example, you will plan your purchase, research the game, and search around to see if you can better the $49.99 ticket price, but if you are being offered a free download or only have to pay $0.99 for a game, you are not likely to take much time before clicking the download button.

This infographic shows you how game makers make their millions and takes a look at the state of the mobile gaming industry in general, plus an insight into how some our favorite games have managed to make so much money despite being offered to gamers for free or for a nominal download price.

The Rise and Fall and Rebirth of Digg - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

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Free Mobile Spy App for Android – A Brief Guide

It is common to track your phone when it is lost. However, the next generation is a step further and uses Smartphone surveillance software to track other people using their Smartphone. Using these spy apps one could keep an eye on other and an active knowledge of their whereabouts, without their knowledge.

These spy apps could be used to track the incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and activities on applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Viber, etc. even the person’s location through Google Map could be traced easily.

Spy app uses for parental control

In this world of mobile communication, the world has become so complex that it becomes hard to understand even our spouse or children. For those times, these spy apps can come handy to parents to keep track of their children’s daily activity.

By secretly installing this app and keeping an eye on kid’s activities, parents could get continuous information about what their children are up to. This app can regularly email you about your child’s location. Parents can visit those links mentioned in the email and can track their kid through Google map.

Employee monitoring and finding lost phones

It is always possible for one to install the spy app for his phone as this app can be very useful. At times of theft or misplacement of the phone, one could easily detect the location within minutes.

Apart from that, it is no new news that all employees are not honest and as hard-working as an employer would desire him to be. Companies can install these spy apps for employees to keep track of where they are during office hours, to check if they are not exploiting the facility of calling or texting. It can be extremely useful for outdoor sale type workers as their employee can … Read More ...

Professional Seo Services Consultant

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All our cost-effective Search engine optimisation packages have been made keeping various search engine optimization needs in group of our 250+ talented specialists implement a appropriate Search engine marketing tactics to bring your organization on the leading. You will be in a position to target up to 300 unique keywords, and will get links, long-kind … Read More ...

How Technology Changed the Job Market in 2016

How Technology Changed the Job Market in 2016The growth of technology has proved to be exponential and the truth is we are all struggling to keep up. What seemed like science fantasies and fiction are slowly coming to life. Ultimately, technology is revolutionizing the job market by rendering some professions less useful and creating newer careers for those ready to surf this wave.

Technology is the engine that drives the digital signage industry. This industry has taken the world by storm to create a USD $15 billion sector that is expected to hit at least USD$ 25 billion by 2020. Among the major players in this sector is Enplug. Enplug provides a platform for communication where companies can send messages and receive feedback directly from their target audience. The digital content includes blogs, videos, social medial feeds among other digital content. Enplug software makes it possible to transform your lcd or other screen into your real time digital content device to communicate with your target. Slowly the conventional marketers who buy rights to display marketing content on mainstream television channels are slowly losing their jobs to this newer technology where the content can be displayed on any screen connected to the software.

Traditional salespersons are slowly losing their jobs to the newer online shopping platforms. There has been a decrease in the bookstores as people can easily purchase the books at the comfort of their homes. Most newspaper and magazines are now struggling to sell hard copies as the audience can easily access most news via the internet. As a matter of fact, some have moved to upload their content and are doing away with the physical copies.

Some years ago, one had to visit some office in town to book tickets for a flight or even book a hotel to a place you desire to visit. … Read More ...

Five Benefits of Streaming Analytics

Five Benefits of Streaming AnalyticsStreaming Analytics is simply the analysis of the large in-motion data, also known as event streams. Ideally, these streams are made up of events that arise because of certain triggers such as equipment failure or a financial transaction. You can have real-time analytic computations on data streaming from sensors, devices, social media, websites, infrastructure systems, and applications among many more others. The volume of events around a business activity will rise with the increase in the number of connected devices. The following are five benefits of streaming analytics for business purposes:

  1. Reliability and Quick Recovery: This service is cloud-based which protects against data loss. This system also assures of business continuity because you can retrieve data quickly when your hardware fails. This service can archive results and reapply them in future and thus get similar results. Customers can easily go back in time and investigate such data when doing various computations such as what-if analysis and root-cause analysis.
  2. Ability to use the Reference Data: You can select the type of reference data that fits your business model. You can use non-streaming data, which does not change frequently, or historical data. The system treats reference data just like any other incoming event stream and ingests it in real-time to perform transformations. You can compare historical against real-time data sensors and analyze how they relate. Such a comparison enhances creativity and shows how your customers and business adapts to changes.
  3. Low Cost: This service is a low-cost solution which keeps users going and helps them maintain real-time analytic solutions. The service providers charge you based on the amount of data that the system processes and streaming unit usage. Some providers such SQLstream.com helps you reduce hardware requirements by half because you use existing data warehouse investments and database which cuts down the
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