ChatGPT for Android pre-registration goes live on Google Play Store

OpenAI’s standalone ChatGPT app, which was initially launched on iOS in May, is now set to make its debut on Android devices next week. The company confirmed this in a recent tweet and has already made the app available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

TechCrunch reported that half a million iPhone users installed the standalone ChatGPT within a week of its iOS release. It is expected that a similar or even larger number of installations will happen with the Android launch. While ChatGPT is accessible via the web interface on any mobile device, the dedicated app provides a superior user experience.

OpenAI ChatGPT App for Android

The Android version of ChatGPT is expected to offer most, if not all, features of the web-based version, allowing users to sync their conversations and preferences across devices seamlessly.

Although there might be some differences between the iOS and Android versions due to the variations in the operating systems, Android users can still expect comparable functionalities.

The Play Store description highlights that the app is free to use and enables users to sync their chat history across devices while receiving the latest model improvements from OpenAI.

ChatGPT for Android has several features that may be of interest to users and these include the ability to provide quick responses to questions, offer personalized advice, inspire creativity, provide input from professionals, and offer opportunities for learning.

Availability and Sign up

OpenAI mentioned that the Android app would initially roll out in the U.S., with potential expansion to other countries in the following weeks or months.

The Play Store listing suggests that the app will be available in various regions, including India, and interested users can pre-register to be notified when the app officially goes live.