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ChatGPT now has a dedicated iOS app, Android version incoming

ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm with its ability to quickly generate paragraphs of human-like text in response to queries or any form of chat you can come up with (though its answers can sometimes be fraught with inaccurate information). The chatbot’s rise to fame has been astounding, with ChatGPT becoming the fastest-growing consumer app in history, based on a study conducted by UBS, a Swiss investment bank. Notwithstanding its popularity, ChatGPT has only been accessible through web browsers, with no mobile app of its own. This is changing now that OpenAI has released an iOS app for ChatGPT, with an Android app following soon.


OpenAI announced in a blog post that the app is limited to users in the United States for now, with plans to bring it to more countries in the coming weeks. An Android version is also in the works, so everyone should eventually get access to the app regardless of their device.

Unlike its web version, the ChatGPT app supports voice input, so you won’t have to type when conversing with the chatbot. OpenAI says this has been made possible with the integration of Whisper, its open-source speech-recognition system.

The app also syncs your conversations across every iOS device you’re using to chat with the AI. This means the chats you started on your iPad can be accessed on your iPhone. If you’ve subscribed to OpenAI’s $20-per-month ChatGPT Plus, you’ll have access to the app’s GPT-4 capabilities and experience faster response times.

As for its Android version, the app is expected to have the same features as its iOS counterpart. It is not yet clear when the Android app will be released, but OpenAI has said that it will be available soon.

In the meantime, you can access ChatGPT on Android through a web browser. While not as feature-rich as the app, the web version is still a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. While the official Android app has yet to arrive, some developers have already incorporated ChatGPT into their apps. A few months ago, the developer behind automation app Tasker added new features to the app, allowing you to access the AI chatbot on your phone either by typing or speaking.

The arrival of ChatGPT’s dedicated mobile app will hopefully put an end to the proliferation of phony apps that charge users $8 per week for access to a service that is essentially free.


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