Considerations For Consolidating Your Journals Into A Single Application


Remembering Important Moments In a Unified Way

No matter one’s age – and it happens to the best of us – we find it difficult to remember important things that happened at some point in our life. Whether it was yesterday, last week, or last year – are you tired of not being able to easily remember important moments in time, whether they were related to personal or work matters? How many minutes a day to you spend, or stress about, racking your brain to remember a particular matter that was important to remember. The list of potential memories that slip our minds just a little too often may include things like restaurants you enjoyed, key achievements in your life you want to share with others, moments you hope not to repeat, and even more routine, but very important, activities in your personal or work life. One would think it would be easy to remember all these types of important things, but unfortunately, we find ourselves spending a frustrating amount of time trying to remember something that’s just at the tip of your tongue – but still just out of reach of fully remembering. Some folks will no doubt turn to old school methods of a written diary our journal, however still struggle because of the time involved searching the written word to find a specific journal entry. With information technology being what it is – there must be a solution. Right?

Too Many Mobile  “Diary” or “Journal” Apps To Choose? Time To Think Differently

Unfortunately a solution to this challenge has been elusive, however over the last few years – a plethora of interesting mobile journal solutions has emerged that look to help folks maintain a “diary” or “journal” on their mobile device. If you search the Google Playstore for a “journal app” or “diary app” you will find 100’s of apps that have been made available to help journal various aspects of one’s life. One important question though – can they help journal ALL aspects of your life? And, does the application make it quick and easy to find things you previously entered in your journal, and, is it easy to easily share moments with others when you choose to do so? One challenge with most mobile journal applications is that they were developed to focus on writing a journal on a specific topic – with little or no focus on creating journals in one place that spans multiple topics. Case in point – a quick search of the Google Playstore for a “fishing journal” returns over 100 potential applications one might choose. So, does this mean you need to find and install an application to journal each type of activity you are passionate about, whether the activity is diet, exercise, recreational, entertainment, or work matters? Not really. In some cases, you may enjoy the depth a specific journal app provides for things you are passionate, but there is emerging class of Android personal diary app that have been developed differently about the journal experience and provide greater flexibility in the mobile journal experience.

|Journal24x7 To The Rescue

The Journal24x7 Android journal app is one such mobile application that was built from the ground up to deliver ultimate flexibility in the journal writing experience. The Journal24x7 Android diary app ships with over 15 out-of-the-box journal and diary templates that can easily be customized to capture whatever you deem important for a particular type of life moment. Also, users can quickly develop new custom journal types using a very easy to use journal creation user interface. The application has a lot of fun additional “bells and whistles” that make the mobile journal experience a whole lot more fun including journal entry sharing (including on Facebook), location awareness, and rich journal searching capabilities. Remembering important life moments should not be difficult. With Journal24x7 remembering life just got a whole lot easier.