Did you buy a Google Pixel Fold?

Google’s first foldable hit store shelves this week — did you order one?

What a month it’s been for foldables. Just a couple of weeks after Motorola launched the Razr+ — its best phone in years, in my eyes — Google entered the folding phone race itself. The Pixel Fold has been a long time coming, but even with the sense of mystery that surrounded it over years of rumors, it mostly ended up being what you’d expect: a first-gen piece of Google hardware. That might be exactly what Pixel fanatics and early adopters end up loving about the phone, though, so I’m curious how many of our readers took that $1,800 plunge.

I’ve already spilled plenty of digital ink — over 5,500 words worth — on my thoughts concerning the Pixel Fold. It’s one of the most purely interesting devices of the year, a massive swing on Google’s part that doesn’t get everything right on its first go. But if, as we discussed on an upcoming episode of the Android Police podcast, the Pixel Fold is meant to act as a foldable Nexus phone for developers, it being a rough draft of a smartphone might not matter in the long run — even with that sky-high price tag.

There’s plenty of excitement surrounding this phone, but simultaneously, plenty of doubts. Google limited its launch to just four regions, pushed (or outright canceled) some preorders back by weeks, and got hit by reports of dubious durability right out of the gate. None of those are great signs for this phone being a big sales hit, even by the company’s relatively low expectations. But the Android Police audience is filled with exactly the type of early adopter that might fall in love with this thing, warts and all. So I’m curious: did you buy a Pixel Fold?