Entertain Your Brain: Top Android Apps to Enjoy Throughout the Day

Whenever we just need a quick mental break or something to pass the time while we’re waiting in line, we often turn to our cell phones. They’re packed with endless possibilities for entertainment, education, communication and more.

Oftentimes when we look through our phones while waiting around, we do so mindlessly. How can we be sure we’re getting the most out of our spare time, even if we just spend it thoughtlessly scrolling around?

By making sure our phones are loaded up with all the best apps, of course! If you do that ahead of time, you won’t even to think about which one to open to get the most entertainment or mental recharge out of your downtime.


Infinity Loop

 Infinity Loop is a simple game designed to help you relax and serenely pass the time. To play the game, you connect lines to create perfect loops. It’s a puzzle game, but it’s not meant to be difficult. All you have to do is sit back, play and relax.



 If you’re a guitar player who wishes they could just pull out their string box and jam any time there’s a dull moment, this is the app for you. Solo is a virtual guitar that allows you to play using your phone in combination with a smart watch or by itself. You can also play along with the songs on your device. The app also features chord charts, various guitar sounds and the option to record your jams.


Where’s My Water?

 This app is a physics-based puzzle game from Disney starring a crocodile named Swampy. The goal of the game is to cut through dirt to direct water to Swampy and various other water-dwelling characters. If you’re looking to pass the time, check out this super addicting game.


Coloring Book for Me

 Coloring books have been gaining popularity with adults because they help people relax and provide a simple avenue for creative expression. With this coloring book app for Android phones, you can do your coloring anywhere. Coloring Book for Me features plenty of diverse coloring pages, multiple color palettes, and slick editing effects.



If you’ve always wanted to learn a second (or third) language but don’t have the time, try DuoLingo. It allows you to practice your new skill in short bursts that you can fit in whenever you have a spare moment. The app supports a number of different languages and lets you practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening.



 Say you come across an article or video that looks really interesting, but you don’t have the time at the moment to read or watch it. If you have the Pocket app, you can easily save it to read later when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting in line at the grocery store. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection when you use the app, you can access and catch up on all the content you’ve wanted to check out throughout the day.


Our phones, thanks to the Internet, offer us an almost unlimited potential stream of things to entertain us, pass the time and help us take mental breaks. By loading your device up with all the best apps, you can ensure that what some people might call ‘wasted time’ is wasted as well as possible. As the saying goes, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”