Free Mobile Spy App for Android – A Brief Guide

It is common to track your phone when it is lost. However, the next generation is a step further and uses Smartphone surveillance software to track other people using their Smartphone. Using these spy apps one could keep an eye on other and an active knowledge of their whereabouts, without their knowledge.

These spy apps could be used to track the incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and activities on applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Viber, etc. even the person’s location through Google Map could be traced easily.

Spy app uses for parental control

In this world of mobile communication, the world has become so complex that it becomes hard to understand even our spouse or children. For those times, these spy apps can come handy to parents to keep track of their children’s daily activity.

By secretly installing this app and keeping an eye on kid’s activities, parents could get continuous information about what their children are up to. This app can regularly email you about your child’s location. Parents can visit those links mentioned in the email and can track their kid through Google map.

Employee monitoring and finding lost phones

It is always possible for one to install the spy app for his phone as this app can be very useful. At times of theft or misplacement of the phone, one could easily detect the location within minutes.

Apart from that, it is no new news that all employees are not honest and as hard-working as an employer would desire him to be. Companies can install these spy apps for employees to keep track of where they are during office hours, to check if they are not exploiting the facility of calling or texting. It can be extremely useful for outdoor sale type workers as their employee can keep a regular check on whether they are diligently doing their job or not.

Features of Spy app

  • One could easily track location, calls, messages; videos watched, of the spied phone
  • One advanced feature allows you to be able to track each and every keystroke made on the spied phone
  • One could always select what information he wants to “allow” and what he wants to “forbid” while spying on someone’s phone
  • Constant email updates about the spied phone
  • Even the contact list of spied phone can be viewed on the other phone.
  • Guaranteed undetectable.


Support for major platforms of Android

One could easily install free mobile spy app for android if the operating system supports and cooperates.  You must remember to check whether phone that you wish to spy on has an android version that is compatible with the spy app that you are installing.
Most of the latest and advanced spy apps support Android versions starting from 6.x and marshmallow.

Also, some of the features are such that exist only in rooted device.

Some of the features of spy app are incompatible with Android and work fine with the rooted android like your rooted device would block ads and promo displays. Apart from that, in case you want to spy on anyone’s phone, you need to root it first, then only you can install spy app in it. The rooted device also enhances the speed of spy app and boosts your device’s life.


Summing up this description of spy apps by assuring to you it’s worth if used positively. There are paid versions available that give out free trial versions.