Google app gets a slightly more compact homepage on Android

Frankly, Google Search sticks out compared to all other Material You apps on Android, but it’s now testing a more compact homepage.

Back in March, the Google app introduced what I would consider to be a comically large Search bar. The element doesn’t need to be more prominent given that it’s already at the top of the screen and the reason people open the app.

This change was first introduced on iOS and the trend is only now starting to make its way to other Android apps, though the field in Gmail is still much shorter.

The large search bar is here to stay, but Google has added a magnifying glass icon to the left (like before) next to “Search.” In dark mode, the microphone and Google Lens icon are now white instead of multicolored.

Earlier this year, Google also introduced a carousel of various Search and Lens suggestions: Shop for products, Translate text, Search photo, Solve homework, and Identify song. It was also comically large, but Google is now prepping something much smaller that allows you to see three, instead of two, per screen. This is a good idea and helps emphasize the search bar, as well as the second carousel for weather, air quality, sports, and finance just below it.

The final thing we spotted with the Google app 14.47 beta is a subtle blue gradient that helps make the app feel less stark. The Google app currently lacks Dynamic Color, while the Material You bottom bar appears to have been pulled in recent months. 

These trio of changes are not yet widely rolled out, and we’re only seeing it on one device so far.

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Dylan Roussel contributed to this article.

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