Google Bard gets visual as it learns to respond with images

Giving you a better idea of what you’re searching for

A few weeks ago, Google announced at I/O that Bard would be getting a host of new features in the coming weeks. Some, like exports and dark mode, have already begun rolling out, but others have taken a bit longer to launch. Now, Bard is getting another one of the promised updates which will show users images that are relevant to their queries.

This new enhancement to the AI tool will provide visuals in search responses that will help give users a better idea of what they’re looking for. If someone is planning a trip, they can ask about tourist destinations they had in mind and Bard will also show images of that specific location. This feature will also be useful for people looking to buy a certain product. Alongside a brief description of the product, Bard will attach a picture so you don’t buy anything blindly.



Source: Google

For now, Bard will only be able to reply with images, but in a few more weeks, it’ll be possible to prompt the AI with images using Google Lens. Bard will also soon begin leveraging Adobe Firefly, an AI art generator, to help people create an image based off of their ideas.

As Bard continues to mature, we’ll surely see more updates and features that improve the experience. Until then, Google still has a few hurdles to get over. The AI tool is not yet available to anyone in the EU or Canada, and it’s still unclear when we might see it arrive in those two regions.

Until then, those who do have access will be able to enjoy generative AI features in other Google apps like its Workspace suite. We could end up seeing Bard functionality in Google Messages, which would work similarly to how it does in Gmail, but its release is still unconfirmed.