Google Calendar makes event sharing as easy as image sharing

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Android, mostly because it benefits from the tight integration with Workspace apps. Such integrations allow conveniences like snoozing Google Chat during Focus time. However, Google still doesn’t make it easy for event organizers to invite a large group of people. That’s finally changing, and we have our first look at how event link sharing will work in the Android app.

Back in March, we reported Google was developing a new Share button for Calendar events, but it wasn’t functional at that time. Now, though, @AssembleDebug on Twitter gives us a good look at how this feature will work, saving us the hassle of editing each event and manually adding in every invitee’s email address.

Once the feature rolls out to everyone, there should be a prominent Share button placed underneath the event name and date. Tapping it opens up the standard Android share sheet you come across when sharing any other files, like images and documents. Here, you can pick the communication app of your choice and send an event link to the intended invitees.

This method is way more convenient for urgent events and events with a long list of invitees. Chances are you were already discussing the details with said invitees in a Telegram group, WhatsApp Community, or Discord server. So, you can conveniently share the event link in that space. Every recipient of the link will be able to tell you their availability using three preset buttons — Yes, No, and Maybe. The on-screen description accompanying the buttons reveals the actual Calendar link for the event will be forwarded to their email IDs.

Note that it is already possible to share calendar invites that way in some instances. When a calendar event has a Google Meet link attached, the Google Calendar app shows a share button next to the Join with Google Meet option that pulls up the system share sheet, too.

You may have to wait for an unspecified amount of time before using this even more convenient Calendar tweak to your advantage. Google hasn’t announced any release date, but we suspect it is just around the corner, given the completed state of affairs evident in the video. Until then, perhaps check if you can convert your Google Calendar reminders into Tasks yet.

Thanks: Mishaal