Google Docs for Android defaulting to paginated mode

Last year, Google Docs on the web finally added a pageless format. That view has long been available in Docs for Android, but Google is now defaulting to a paginated mode.

On Android, Google Docs will show “pages and page breaks” when you first open a document. This is meant to offer a “more cohesive visual design between web and mobile.” The exception to the paginated mode is if the file is set to pageless.

The example Google provided is of the Docs app on a tablet, which has a toolbar that’s very similar to the web editor. This change makes more sense on a large screen rather than a phone, but the company did not provide any qualifiers in announcing this change, so it’s presumably both screen sizes.

Docs on Android today already offers a prominent “Print layout” toggle in the overflow menu, which also disables the dark theme.

This new paginated default in Google Docs for Android is rolling out.

Meanwhile, Google also announced that Drive on foldables will have controls in the item preview viewer “intelligently respond to what position the foldable device is in (opened, closed, or only partially opened) and adjust accordingly.”

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