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Google Messages App: emergency SOS via satellite coming to Android?

Since Apple introduced the emergency SOS via satellite feature last year, we’ve been hearing numerous stories of how this helpful feature has acted as a hero, saving lives. This feature allows you to connect to a satellite and send an SOS message to an emergency service provider even when you don’t have any cellular reception.Earlier rumors hinted at the possibility of the SOS emergency service making its way to Android 14. Surprisingly, that day might be arriving sooner than anticipated. The Google Messages app seems to be gearing up to enable users to send emergency SOS messages via satellite. Sharp-eyed user Neïl Rahmouni noticed this progress, later shared by Mishaal Rahman on X (via Android Authority).
Google has begun incorporating user interface elements for the emergency SOS via satellite feature into its Messages app, a preinstalled app on almost all Android phones.

Rahman points out that the current SOS functionality is merely a placeholder within the app. Its presence doesn’t confirm that upcoming Pixel phones or other devices will support satellite communication. But, it does show Google wants to fit this service into its messaging app instead of making a whole new one.

Putting the emergency SOS via satellite into the Google Messages app makes sense because that’s the default texting app on most Android phones. However, specifics remain unclear, such as which phones will support this feature and the exact implementation by Google. Speculation points toward the potential inclusion of this feature in the future Pixel 8.

There’s talk about Samsung working on something like this too. The company might show it off first in the new Galaxy S24 series, which could let you connect to satellites. Plus, since Samsung uses Android, it’ll probably add the emergency SOS via satellite functionality soon.

Google has previously said that Android 14 will let phones connect straight to satellites. A similar satellite connectivity feature on iPhone 14 series has already helped people from Alaska to Utah get rescued in life-threatening situations, and we hear more and more stories about it daily.


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