‘Google’ preferences in Android Settings getting redesign

Google Play services are responsible for many features on modern Android, and its primary settings menu is now getting a redesign.

Once live, going to system Settings > Google reveals a new two-tab UI. The “Recommended” tab will surface cards that provide a high-level overview of your account and available features. This might include: Backup, Nearby Share, Find My Device, Google Wallet, and Password Manager. 

This is a better way for Google to surface relevant suggestions.

Meanwhile, the Find My Device card here reveals the new logo that we previously spotted in June. We see the outline version of the upcoming crosshair icon that evokes radar and scanning, as well as how FMD will soon be home to trackers, tablets, watches, and headphones.

With the Find My Device network launch delayed, we don’t expect this updated branding to appear until then.

The list of “Services on this device” makes up the second tab. It currently includes: Ads, Autofill, Backup, Devices & sharing, Find My Device, Game Dashboard, Parental controls, Personal Safety, Personalize using shared data, Set up & restore, Settings for Google apps, as well as COVID-19 Exposure Notifications. There are no changes here.

This Google settings redesign is rolling out now (h/t Mishaal Rahman), and we’re seeing it with version 23.32.55 of Google Play services after signing up for the beta.

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