Google redesigns bookmarks on Chrome for Android [Gallery]

Google Chrome is rolling out a new look for bookmarks on Android, with big image previews for the links you’ve saved.

Live in Chrome 120 on Android, the bookmarks page has been thoroughly redesigned with bigger previews for folders and links. The new UI shows blue folders for your core bookmarks folder (mobile bookmarks, bookmarks bar, etc.) and image previews if they are available.

Previously, Chrome only showed the favicons of bookmarks.

The new look won’t show as many bookmarks on screen at once, but it makes everything drastically easier to sift through. I save lots of recipes to my bookmarks, for example, and its way easier to see what I’m trying to find with this new UI.

The change seems to be rolling out fairly widely but seems to only apply on Android so far. Chrome for iOS is not yet showing image previews on bookmarks. If you’re not yet seeing the new UI, check the Play Store for updates.

It also comes just a few weeks after the last big UI update Chrome for Android got, which brought Material You design elements to the New Tab page.

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