Google Releases Android 14 Beta 1

Google today announced the release of Android 14 Beta 1, which expands the focus of the pre-release program from just developers to include early adopters. Android 14 Beta 1 is the third pre-release version of this coming system, after Developer Preview 1 in February and Developer Preview 2 in March.

“Today we’re releasing the first Beta of Android 14, building around our core themes of privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization while continuing to improve the large-screen device experience on tablets, foldables, and more,” Google vice president Dave Burke writes in the announcement post. “We’ve been making steady progress refining the features and stability of Android 14, and it’s time to open the experience up to both developers and early adopters.”

Some key new features in Beta 1 include:

New back arrow. Gesture navigation includes a more prominent back arrow while interacting with apps to help improve back gesture discoverability. The back arrow is styled like the user’s wallpaper or device theme.

Improved system sharesheet. In Android 14, apps will be able to add custom actions to the system sharesheets they invoke. The system will also use more app signals to determine the ranking and positions of direct share targets.

Per-app language preferences. Android 14 will support per-app language preferences, and developers can configure their apps to support this feature automatically.

Android 14 Beta 1 is available on supported Pixel devices, including the Pixel 4a (5g), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. You can learn more on the Android Developer website.