Google Releases Android Studio Flamingo

Google today announced the release of Android Studio Flamingo (2022.2.1), the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE).

“Today, we are thrilled to announce the stable release of Android Studio Flamingo, the official IDE for building Android apps,” Google’s Steven Jenkins writes in the announcement post. ” This release includes improvements to help you build pixel-perfect UI with Live Edit, new features that assist with inspecting your app, IntelliJ updates, and more.”

Key new features in this release include:

Live Edit (Compose). This experimental feature helps developers iteratively build an app using Compose by pushing code changes directly to an attached device or emulator. You can learn more here.

Themed app icon preview support. Using the System UI Mode selector on the toolbar, you can switch wallpapers and see how your themed app icons react to the chosen wallpaper.

Dynamic color preview. This release feature lets you enable dynamic color in your app and use the new wallpaper attribute in an @Preview composable to switch wallpapers and see how your UI reacts to different wallpapers.

Android Gradle Plugin 8.0.0. Android Studio Flamingo includes a major new version of the Android Gradle plugin, which is used by the IDE to build projects into running apps.

IntelliJ Platform update. Android Studio Flamingo includes the IntelliJ 2022.2 platform release, which comes with IDE performance improvements, enhanced rendering performance on macOS, IDE performance when using Kotlin, and more.

You can download Android Studio from the Android Developer website.