Google Weather for Android finally getting Material You redesign

Android’s Weather experience in 2021 got a Google Material Theme redesign just as Material You was widely rolling out to other first-party apps. Google Weather is now set for a redesign with Material You elements.

The experience, which is powered by the Google app, today features three top tabs (Today, Tomorrow, 10 days) that you can scroll through for more information. At a glance, each screen is designed to provide a high-level overview. 

This redesign, tweeted by a Googler this morning, appears to leverage a single main feed. It starts with a pill-shaped search bar that notes the location being shown. It’s gray in the screenshot with proper support for the system dark theme likely. 

Underneath is “Now” with the current temperature, condition, high/low, and feels like. This is displayed on top of a Froggy illustration that’s somewhat lacking in detail given the width.

L-R: Current, current, redesign

A scrollable “Hourly forecast” is next, while you then get a “10-day forecast” that includes the high/low. Hopefully you can tap on each one, including “Today,” to see other stats like Wind and Sunrise & sunset (if that’s not further down the page).

This experience was rather reminiscent of the Wear OS Weather app, which is already quite nice, in its organization. Moving to a single feed is a good call. Hopefully, it will have a large screen experience as well. 

We’ve called for the need of a weather app made by the Pixel team to improve the experience on Google phones, but this is a start. As evidenced by the status bar, this might still be in development internally, but it’s a good sign that Google is already dogfooding with employees. 

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