Google’s July 2023 security patch is here for Pixel devices

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In case you’re thinking, “today’s a Wednesday, but Pixel updates usually land on Mondays,” you’re right, Google is indeed a little bit behind its usual schedule. This month’s release has been delayed slightly until today, as a result of 4th July’s federal holiday to celebrate Independence Day in the US. Nonetheless, Google’s freshly baked Pixel software updates for July are finally here.

Of course, this isn’t one of the big feature drop updates (that was last month), but device owners can obviously look forward to the latest security patches and a handful of fixes and improvements. Notably, several Samsung Galaxy devices have also started receiving the new set of patches.

July 2023 Android Security Bulletin

The July 2023 Android Security Bulletin outlines a total of 24 vulnerabilities in the Android Framework and system components and a total of 20 vulnerabilities in the kernel and vendor components. The CVE numbers, type of vulnerability, and affected OS components are listed in the tables published by Google. Nearly all the vulnerabilities in the Android Framework and system components have been addressed with the security update to the 2023-07-01 patch level, whereas the vulnerabilities in the kernel and closed-source vendor components have been addressed with the 2023-07-05 patch level.

For more information on how the monthly Android security update process works, we recommend reading our explainer available here.

Pixel Update Bulletin/Functional Update

In addition to patching the vulnerabilities affecting all Android devices, the July 2023 Android security update also patches a few issues exclusively affecting Google’s own Pixel phones. These are documented in the Pixel Update Bulletin for this month.

The full changelog is below:

The software version corresponding to this update is TQ3A.230705.001.x (TQ3C.230705.001.x for the Pixel Fold). If you would rather not wait for the update (or can’t take the update since your phone is rooted), take a look at our Android 13 download article for the latest OTA files and factory images.

Samsung July 2023 Update

Apart from with the Pixel devices mentioned above, Samsung is rolling out the July 2023 Android security update to the Galaxy S23, S22, and the Galaxy A53 in select regions. The carrier version of the latest S series flagship has picked up the update in the form of S91xUSQS1AWFD, while the unlocked variant has received it through build number S91xU1UES1AWFD.The Galaxy S22, on the other hand, has received the new patch in Europe, so be on the lookout for that. The corresponding software version is S908BXXS6CWF6.

For the Galaxy A53, the July 2023 patch is rolling out in a number of Latin American countries via the A536EXXS7CWF6 build. The Korean OEM has yet to publish its own security bulletin for this month, though.

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