Grandfathered notes on Google Keep pick up text formatting options


  • Google Keep now supports text formatting options, including bold, italicizing, and underlining text, even in older notes.
  • The formatting options can be accessed by tapping the A icon on the toolbar above the keyboard in the Android app.
  • Unfortunately, text formatting options are currently only available in the Android app and not on the web, but you can preserve formatting by pasting formatted text from another word processor.

Google has a plethora of apps vying for the same levels of popularity Search and Gmail enjoy among search engines and email service providers. However, the company is also responsible for solutions like Google Keep, well recognized as one of the best note-taking apps on Android, despite lacking a few key critical features like convenient sorting options and version history records. However, Google is inching there with updates like support for text formatting options, which is finally reaching your old notes as well.

Google Keep is the company’s only note-taking app, and it rivals other segment leaders with its versatility, cross-platform support, and effortless cloud sync, but until recently, the app was missing the simple comfort of text formatting options seen on even the most rudimentary word processors. Google added support for bold, italicizing, and underlining text with an update earlier this year, and the rollout officially began on August 24. It said you may receive a prompt to refresh your account when the feature becomes available, but there was a catch — formatting options are only available for notes created in the Android app after the update. At the time, the company promised to give you the same formatting options for updates in older notes at a later date.

Around two months have rolled by since that promise, and now 9to5Google spotted Keep finally allowing text formatting when you revisit older notes. The formatting options show up when you tap the A icon on the left in the toolbar just above your keyboard. This seems to be a server-side change from Google. Because you don’t need to update Keep from the Play Store to see this change.

However, there is one major demerit which remains. Text formatting options are still limited to the Android app. If you’re using the web app to make changes in notes, you won’t see the options to bold, italicize, or underline text. However, Keep preserves formatting if you paste text into the web app after formatting it suitably in another word processor. This may involve additional steps, but it can ensure consistent formatting in your notes. Google needs to bring these advanced text format options to the web as well, so we can use the same set of features across platforms.