How Game Makers Earn Millions — 99¢ at a Time

You might have wondered at some point how it was possible for mobile game makers to generate any serious money for their efforts when you can download their creation for sometimes less than a dollar, or they even give it away for free.

Make no mistake, mobile gaming is a big business these days and it seems there is a captive audience that spends an average of over 2.5 hours each day using apps and the internet, with a high proportion of that time spent playing a game on their phone.

Mobile game revenue is running at close to $30 billion annually and it’s a figure that is growing at a phenomenal rate, so how do they get us to part with the cash in return for our entertainment?

There is no question that if you manage to hit on the right formula, it can be hugely popular. The trick is working out the right way to get your audience to pay for their entertainment, and that is where economies of scale can come into play.

If you are going to visit a store and buy the latest Xbox game, for example, you will plan your purchase, research the game, and search around to see if you can better the $49.99 ticket price, but if you are being offered a free download or only have to pay $0.99 for a game, you are not likely to take much time before clicking the download button.

This infographic shows you how game makers make their millions and takes a look at the state of the mobile gaming industry in general, plus an insight into how some our favorite games have managed to make so much money despite being offered to gamers for free or for a nominal download price.

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