How Technology Changed the Job Market in 2016

How Technology Changed the Job Market in 2016The growth of technology has proved to be exponential and the truth is we are all struggling to keep up. What seemed like science fantasies and fiction are slowly coming to life. Ultimately, technology is revolutionizing the job market by rendering some professions less useful and creating newer careers for those ready to surf this wave.

Technology is the engine that drives the digital signage industry. This industry has taken the world by storm to create a USD $15 billion sector that is expected to hit at least USD$ 25 billion by 2020. Among the major players in this sector is Enplug. Enplug provides a platform for communication where companies can send messages and receive feedback directly from their target audience. The digital content includes blogs, videos, social medial feeds among other digital content. Enplug software makes it possible to transform your lcd or other screen into your real time digital content device to communicate with your target. Slowly the conventional marketers who buy rights to display marketing content on mainstream television channels are slowly losing their jobs to this newer technology where the content can be displayed on any screen connected to the software.

Traditional salespersons are slowly losing their jobs to the newer online shopping platforms. There has been a decrease in the bookstores as people can easily purchase the books at the comfort of their homes. Most newspaper and magazines are now struggling to sell hard copies as the audience can easily access most news via the internet. As a matter of fact, some have moved to upload their content and are doing away with the physical copies.

Some years ago, one had to visit some office in town to book tickets for a flight or even book a hotel to a place you desire to visit. These booking offices are slowly changing to house less people and more servers to store information. This is because the clients can easily make appointments and book flight tickets and hotels at the comfort of their homes. Airlines are also bypassing the booking companies to provide the service directly to their clients.

The finance sector has not escaped the effects of technology. People are slowly escaping handling large amounts of physical cash and moving to the safer digital form where you create an online account that you can access from any part of the world. This means that more programmers are getting jobs in this sector to try and make the systems safer from tampering.

Labor is an important factor in the returns of any industry. More companies are opting to utilize robots in their manufacturing. Robots offer some advantages including working faster and for longer hours without fatigue, ability to replicate results and production of more accurate results. Assembly lines now have robots with fewer operators and this means that some people lost their jobs.

Technology is slowly taking over and fighting it is a useless battle. Instead we, need to embrace it. Despite the fact that some professions will be scrapped off, technology will always come with newer opportunities and it will always need other professions to keep it going.