How to enable dark mode in Snapchat

Even with the rising competition from the likes of Instagram and TikTok, Snapchat’s popularity remains intact among youngsters. If you frequently use Snapchat during night hours, turn on dark mode to reduce eye strain. However, unlike the iPhone, the dark mode option isn’t readily available to everyone on Snapchat for Android. You must purchase the company’s subscription service, Snapchat+, to activate the dark theme on your top budget Android phone.

Snapchat introduced dark mode on the iPhone in 2021. The same never appeared on the company’s Android app. Even with growing requests from the Android community, Snapchat took more than two years to offer a dark theme on Android. To add insult to injury, the add-on is part of the Snapchat+ subscription only. Follow along to sign up for Snapchat+ and enjoy the dark theme along with other functions.

Sign up for Snapchat+

Since dark mode is one of the highly requested features on Snapchat for Android, the company has kept it exclusive to paid subscribers. We can’t confirm if the same will be available to general users in the future. Currently, subscribing to Snapchat+ is the only way to activate dark mode on Android. Follow the steps below.

  1. Launch Snapchat on Android.
  2. Tap your profile in the upper-left corner.
  3. Select the Settings gear in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select Snapchat+ and tap Subscribe.
  5. Check the exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features of Snapchat+. Tap Next.
  6. Check the pricing details and confirm your subscription.

Snapchat also offers a one-week free trial to check the new features. If you aren’t satisfied with the offering, cancel the trial before the due date. The price is $4 per month, $22 for six months, or $40 per year. The pricing varies from one region to another. Check the company’s official page to learn more about Snapchat+.

Although Snapchat is available on Windows PCs and Macs, you can only subscribe to Snapchat+ from the company’s mobile apps.

Turn on dark mode on Snapchat for Android

Once you have an active Snapchat+ plan, use the instructions below to activate the dark theme.

  1. Open Snapchat and go to your profile.
  2. Select Snapchat+.
  3. Turn on the Dark mode toggle.

Restart Snapchat and check it in the dark avatar. Once you apply the dark theme, change the app icon for a uniform look. As a part of Snapchat+, you can pick from several app icons.

If the dark mode option doesn’t appear for your account, relaunch Snapchat and try again. Dark mode for Snapchat on Android is still in early access, and it may not be available in your region. Also, the dark mode option may not appear on an outdated build. You can update Snapchat to the latest version from the Play Store and see if the dark mode option appears in the Snapchat+ menu.

You may also need to wait a day or two to let the dark mode option appear for your Snapchat account.

Can I force dark mode on Snapchat?

As a part of developer options, you can force a dark theme on all your Android apps. While the trick used to work on previous Snapchat versions, it doesn’t force the dark theme on the latest app builds.

We tried it on a Google Pixel 6 and a Samsung Galaxy A52, and the system couldn’t turn on the dark theme on Snapchat. Some Android skins also let you force the dark theme on third-party apps. But we don’t recommend following that route as Snapchat may look weird due to unofficial implementation.

Snapchat should do better

We aren’t surprised to see different treatments for iOS and Android users from Snapchat. The company’s official apps have always felt and looked superior on iPhone. However, taking two years for dark mode and keeping it behind a paywall may irritate some on Android. If you feel the same and want to get rid of Snapchat once and for all, read our dedicated guide to delete your account.