How to quickly access your Clock app in Android 14

The default Clock on Android is your one-stop solution to check your alarms, time zones, timers, stopwatch, and Bedtime mode. While the Clock app is easily accessible from the home screen and the app drawer menu, Google added neat tweaks to access the Clock app following the Android 14 update.

Do you want to set an alarm for a quick nap? Instead of looking for the Clock app on your Android phone, use the tricks below to accFcess it in no time. While several tricks below are exclusive to Android 14 software, others work on all the Samsung Galaxy and budget Android phones.

Access the Clock app from the notification center

Android 14 brings back one of the neat features of Android 11. When Google redesigned the system interface with the Android 12 update, the company removed a handy shortcut to access the Clock app from the notification center. The option makes a comeback with Android 14.

  1. Swipe down from the home screen to access the notification center.
  2. Tap the time in the upper-left corner to open the Clock app.

We hope to see more tweaks, such as opening the Calendar app when tapping the day or date or going directly into the Battery menu from the battery indicator icon in the right corner.

You can access the Clock app from the quick settings menu. Since the system makes the time icon bigger in the quick settings menu, jumping into the Clock app is convenient.

  1. Swipe down from the home screen to access the notification center. Swipe down again to access the quick settings menu.
  2. Tap the time to launch the Clock app.

Access the Clock app from the lock screen

If you set an alarm on Android, the system shows the info on the lock screen. You can long tap your alarm on the lock screen to jump directly into the Clock app.

  1. Press the side button to check the Android lock screen.
  2. Long tap your alarm and unlock your phone.
  3. The system takes you to the Clock app.

The Android 14 software is limited to a few devices. If you use Android 13 or an older build, use the app widgets to access Clock quickly. Google revamped all Clock widgets with a Material You makeover.

  1. Long tap the home screen and select Widgets from the floating menu.
  2. Scroll down to Clock and tap the down arrow icon beside it to expand widgets.
  3. Add an analog, digital, staked, stopwatch, and word widget on the home screen.
  4. Long tap a widget and place it anywhere on the Android home screen.
  5. You can now tap the widget to launch the Clock app.

Add the Clock app shortcut on the lock screen (Samsung)

Android 14 update brings a bunch of lock screen customization options. You can customize the quick actions menu at the bottom, but the available options are limited. There isn’t a way to set a specific app like Clock on the lock screen. Here’s where Samsung’s implementation shines in the One UI software. The South Korean giant lets you set any app for easy access on the lock screen.

We use screenshots from a Samsung Galaxy phone running the One UI 5.1 build (based on Android 13).

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone.
  2. Scroll to the Lock screen.
  3. Select Edit below the Lock screen. The system opens the lock screen customization menu.
  4. Tap the left or right corner, and it opens a menu to select any app.
  5. Select the One UI Clock app or Google’s Clock app. Tap Done.

Now, lock your phone and check the new lock screen in action. You can long tap the Clock app shortcut to open the app.

The Clock app is just a tap away

The default Clock app on Android is feature-rich. Especially the alarm option where you can choose your favorite song from YouTube Music or Spotify as your wake-up tune. Check our dedicated post to set and customize an alarm on your Android phone.

Android 14 update isn’t limited to such small tweaks. It’s packed with neat customization options and small quality-of-life add-ons. Go to our dedicated page to learn everything about Google’s latest software release.