New Google Leak Reveals Impressive Pixel Tablet Superpower

Pixel Tablet owners could be looking at a new feature for their Android tablet that will make it easier to share music and video from their smartphones to Google’s ambitious large-screened tablet for the home.

More details on the media handoff feature (potentially called “hold close to cast”) come from Mishaal Rahman, who has been exploring the latest Android code. To activate the feature, all you will need to do is hold your smartphone close to the Pixel Tablet, and the media will digitally jump from the phone to the tablet seamlessly.

Naturally, there are some catches here; both devices will need to be on the same private Wi-Fi network, and it will be restricted to specific applications – my suspicion would be Google’s first-party apps and media applications with significant inroads in multiple markets such as Spotify.

It’s not yet clear if there are any other caveats or quirks, such as the use of Ultra Wideband to facilitate faster data transfer and the relative positioning of both devices.

This feature would fit nicely with the Pixel Tablet. Google has made it clear that, unlike other manufacturers who see Tablets as productivity devices, the Pixel Tablet focuses on being a smart home device. Google took the unusual step of bundling a combined speaker and charging stand to emphasise this design choice.

With the new Media Handoff feature, the role of the Pixel Tablet in the smart home becomes a bit more practical. The next step for Google will be to get people interested in buying the largest Pixel device on the market.

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