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Now You Can Update Airpod Firmware At Apple Stores – channelnews

Because it has previously been hard to update firmware on AirPods, Apple updated the the AirPods firmware support page, saying, “If you don’t have an Apple device nearby you can set up an appointment at a Apple store or with an Authorised Service Provider to update your firmware.”

That means if you like AirPods but still want to switch to an Android phone you won’t miss out on important firmware updates.

Beats products, owned by Apple, let you update firmware through the Beats app for Android, but AirPods don’t have a similar app for the Android platform.

You can’t even update AirPods through a computer, even if you go through iTunes, so until now the only way to update firmware on AirPods has been via an Apple device.

Now you can get firmware updated at not just an Apple store but an authorised Apple service provider.


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