One UI 6 lets you choose which apps to update when installing new Android versions


  • In the latest One UI 6 beta update, Samsung now allows users to choose which system apps they want to update alongside the Android OS.
  • This new feature gives Android users more control over their smartphones, allowing them to customize their device to their preferences even further.
  • While opting out of app updates may speed up the OS update process, it’s important to note that apps can still update on their own depending on your settings in the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store.

Android smartphones are renowned for the level of control people have over the OS. Whether that’s from gaining root access and really changing the look and functionality of your phone, or simply getting to place apps in specific places on the home screen grid, the possibilities are basically endless. Samsung added a very small touch to its latest One UI 6 beta update adhering to user control, as people can now choose whether to update specific apps alongside Android updates.

Previously, Samsung simply updated system apps — the preinstalled ones that weren’t downloaded from Google Play or sideloaded — in bulk only alongside software updates, and there was nothing you could do about it. Now, users can pick and choose which system apps get updated when installing a new Android version.

Tucked away in a small section of the Software update screen when installing One UI beta 3 is a box that reads, “Some apps can be updated along with this software update.” Underneath is an option that lets you Choose apps to update. Tap that, and you’re directed towards a new settings screen with a list of all Samsung system apps. Here, you can select which ones you want to update along with the system update. Any not chosen will need to be updated manually.

It’s worth noting that most of these apps can be updated through the Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store, and both app stores have options to allow for automatic updates. So even if you opt not to update these apps when installing a new Android version, they might still update on their own, depending on your settings. Still, opting out of app updates could speed up the OS update process.

Samsung has been in the tech buzz lately for a number of recent leaks and releases, the biggest of which is this One UI 6 update, which is quickly progressing through its beta phases and has lots of great features. The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE were also just extensively leaked, and we’re pretty excited to see what sound these buds pack. In addition, pictures were recently revealed of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (the Fan Edition line didn’t appear during the Galaxy S22’s life cycle).

This is not a groundbreaking update, but it’s definitely a “nice to have” option that Samsung’s added here. And it continues One UI’s tradition of offering more customization options than the competition could even dream of.