Spy App for Android: What Does 2017 Hold for You?

spy app for android
spy app for android

The spying apps for illicit monitoring of other people’s activities are nothing new in 2017; they have been present in the software market for quite a long time, and detecting some conspicuous, creepy spy app for Android on your device should not come as a surprise already. This might be a caring wife or a boss concerned about potential data losses he might incur because of your excessive talkativeness in social media and messengers. Or, if you are a teenager or a child, the app may come from your caring parents not wishing to harass you with constant phone calls and sincere talks, but instead secretly monitoring your life with https://www.mspy.com/android-spy.html.

However, life goes on, and in the high-tech era of the 21st century, the progress does not stop even for a minute. Hence, spy app producers are getting ever more sophisticated in their product offers, and present new solutions for more comprehensive and informative monitoring of a target phone. Here is a brief update on what you should know about spyware right now – both as a potential target and a potential user.

How Does Your Phone Spy on You?

Unfortunately, our smartphones are no longer our dedicated assistants and keepers of our secrets. Those who want to get hold of your personal information can easily do so in a number of ways. By now, the following forms of spying are known:

  • Use of ultrasonic signals issued by phones for advanced user tracking and data collection
  • Private data leakage through unauthorized apps’ access to sensitive personal information on your phone
  • Numerous spyware on Play Store
  • Users’ negligent use of open ports.

Beware these simple security violations, since they may cause grave consequences of identity theft, personal information loss, and blackmailing by people who find out your secrets.

SilverPush: a New Spy App for Android 

This summer has brought us a new player in the market of spying software for smartphones – a so-called SilverPush app. This program is able to capture ultrasonic signals embedded in the media and emitted by the sea beacons. Initially developed for assistance in target advertising via individual data collection on consumers’ preferences in shopping and media content choice, it has acquired broader use now. At present, some wise sellers have appropriated the SilverPush capacities for identification of users’ personalities and sensitive real-time tracking of their locations. What is more, the app is potentially able to de-anonymize Tor and Bitcoin – a truly alarming news for those fully confident in their confidentiality using these services.

Christened Chrysaor

This piece of spyware manufactured by an Israeli company previously suspected of manufacturing the iPhone-targeting spyware Pegasus is a new word in the world of spying on Android devices. An app with extensive spying potential and an ability to bypass the most rigorous security checks, Christened Chrysaor is a truly alarming hazard in the area of cyber-security. It can give the spy access to the target’s files, microphone and camera, current and old activity and files, as well as many other aspects normally kept private. A distinctive feature of the Christened Chrysaor is the self-destruction mode embedded into the program, so you will hardly ever know who installed it and what information they already got from your phone. The app has already been detected on numerous devices among users from different countries, so there is a pressing need to enhance your security and conduct constant unauthorized software checks to keep privacy intact.

SpyDealer: The Trojan’s New Face

Another cyber-security threat discovered in the black spy software market in summer 2017 was publicized by the Palo Alto Networks company. Its security experts detected a new form of Trojan – a well-known computer virus that has been tormenting users for several decades thus far – called SpyDealer. This application has a truly impressive functional and can extract data from the target phone across over 40 applications including Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and even Telegram. Interestingly enough, the app seems to have been designed for a number of markets, since it is also qualified in targeting Tencent Weibo, Baidu NetDisk, Taobao, and other inherently Asian applications and messengers.

An alarming aspect of SpyDealer’s ability to creep into your device is the unique form of installation. By means of stealing messages from communication apps, SpyDealer roots itself on the device via the Android accessibility service. As a result of such conspicuous abilities and omnipotence in bypassing the Android security features, it persists on any device without barriers. However, it is known to be able to creep only into the devices with an active rooting tool, which is present only in Android 2.2-4.4 versions. At present, these versions cover only 25{3928a1cce9645efcfd52ac6a2b3db76f8e79ca25180fb193f42c1b0f48216d03} of Android devices, but again, there is a need to keep alert for all Android users, as spyware developers progress very quickly. In a couple of days or months, you may find a SpyDealer on your app with another Android version.