Steps to build an information system applications


1. Data Collection

To design student registration applications online, of course, we must know in advance the terms – the terms and rules that apply in the student registration process online. What data should we get, maybe the data – the data that we need to know is the following:

How the student registration form that was previously done offline -> This relates to the manufacturing process on the student registration form at the time of application PSB registration through Online
Requirements – any requirements to be met by the student to follow the PSB – Online
Attachments – any attachments should be sent
How to format the appearance of the data that must be removed -> This relates to the announcement process to determine which students are entitled to go to school or are not feasible because of insufficient value, and here is android app development cost average.
And others – others who will allow us to undertake the preparation of application PSB – Online.

2. Make a flow diagram and Algorithms

It is necessary to help us in preparing the application. If flowcharts system we have created, we can very easily determine to begin drafting a script program that is no longer confused with the idea – the idea that sprung

3. Develop a simple application

Start compiling a simple application in advance, please ignore the first rule – security rules and message – the message to the user. The most important thing in this case is: Apps can walk according to function even though if we see from several sides are still weaknesses, for example:

In terms of security is still lacking
Restrictions – restrictions in the form input is still lacking
The interface is still not good enough
And others

With this method, we generally will not feel bored in preparing the application because the application that we created is already functioning as a whole. Another case if we jump right into every part perfectly, then we will feel bored because we feel the work we do not seem to finish. You can read more about How much does it cost to develop an android app : Nlt site

4. Improving deficiencies – deficiencies

Once the application is functioning normally, at this stage we can start doing improvements – improvements to the script program that we have created. Repair – these improvements include:

Began to pay attention to the security of data
Start paying attention to weight or light level when the application is run
Start of limitations – limitations and rules – rules that must be applied to the form input
Start updating the display in order to look more attractive
and others