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The key to running successful email marketing campaigns boils down to the methods you use. It starts with the tools you use, how you build and segment your email list and studying the results of your campaigns. Here are a handful of email marketing tips to help you improve your strategy:

1. Use Tools Made for Email Marketing

Standard email services, such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail aren’t meant to be used for email marketing. When you use email marketing software, you can easily manage a contact list, generate leads and send and track bulk and blast emails. Many of the tools made for email marketing include features or integrations with other types of software to help with marketing, such as CRM and landing page builders.

2. Build Your Email List Proactively

You may already collect email addresses from customers after an interaction with them, but there’s more you can do to build your email list. Whether you sell a physical product, digital item or a service, you should have some information that’s valuable to offer for free—or for an email address. Offer e-books, free trials, coupons or a webinar to leads and all they have to do is provide an email address.

These free offers you create can live on your website and you can promote them on social media or through digital advertising. As you grow your email list, you can then start segmenting, which helps you market to each group with better intent.

3. Segment Your List by User Intent

Segmentation is one of the key factors of effective email marketing. When you divide your audience into groups that separate user interests, you can create more personalized campaigns. At the very least, you can segment your audiences by purchase history (customers vs. leads), but you can go

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Key Players in the Search Engine Marketing Solutions market:

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
Bing Ads
Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick)
Marin Software
WordStream Advisor
Kenshoo (formerly Kenshoo Infinity Suite)
Adobe Advertising Cloud
SE Ranking
Yahoo! Advertising
Kantar Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence (AdGooroo)
Swoop Digital
Netpeak Spider

Search Engine Marketing Solutions market Segmentation by Type:

CPT (Cost Per Time)
CPA (cost-per-acquisition)
CPC (cost-per-click)
CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions)

Search Engine Marketing Solutions market Segmentation by Application:

Desktop Searches
Mobile Searches
Tablet Searches

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