Why Volkswagen’s first Super Bowl ad in 10 years leans into emotion and nostalgia

In 2011, Volkswagen aired one of the most memorable ads in modern Super Bowl history: “The Force,” where a child donning a Darth Vader costume is convinced of the powers of the dark side. Time Magazine said it “changed Super Bowl commercials forever,” and as of 2015, it was the most shared Super Bowl ad ever, according to USA Today.

A couple years after that ad ran, the German automaker vanished from the national Super Bowl stage for a decade—until Sunday’s game, when Volkswagen, like Palpatine, will return, becoming one of the relatively few car brands slated to advertise in the game this year.

Why the hiatus? It just hadn’t felt natural to do another national Super Bowl campaign until now, according to Rachael Zaluzec, SVP of customer experience and brand marketing for Volkswagen of America. This year, that changed: The ad, called “An American Love Story,” is timed around the brand’s 75th anniversary in the US, along with the release of a couple of new models.

“You only go to the stage if you’ve got something to say, and we have a lot of things to say this year,” Zaluzec told Marketing Brew.

Throwback: Volkswagen started discussing this year’s commercial more than six months ago, according to Zaluzec. Creative concepting for the spot started around mid-September, although the buy wasn’t confirmed internally until Q4, Zaluzec said.

A two-minute cut, set to the reprise of Neil Diamond’s “I Am… I Said,” features a montage of scenes showing Volkswagens throughout American history—including references to Woodstock, scenes from the Herbie movie franchise, and the iconic “punch buggy” scene from The Simpsons. There’s even a callback to “The Force” (both ads were directed by Lance Acord). It’s all very nostalgic.

The ad is meant to “ignite the love for

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‘Advertisers tried too hard’: Few Super Bowl LVIII ads win as celeb takeover continues

Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday delivered another nail-biter on the field but a lot of head-scratchers on the advertising front — hello, Temu and RFK Jr. — with just a handful of clever, albeit conventional, commercials cutting through the clutter. 

The Kansas City Chiefs secured a clutch win over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, fortifying their status as the next NFL dynasty. The night also acted as a Hollywood moment for fans who have tracked the relationship between Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, capped off with a victorious kiss, though the excitement mostly stayed focused on the ups and downs of the game itself (with one of Kelce’s blowups achieving meme status).

Marketers seeking a similar moment in the sun relied on tried-and-true tactics, playing it safe in the wake of a year rife with culture wars controversy, though the realities of an election cycle and global strife still uncomfortably crept in. As with last year’s big game, too many companies relied on the mere presence of a celebrity (or celebrities in many cases) to score points, with humor, wit and a connection to the product curiously absent. A deluge of listless cameos ended up benefitting ads that actually had a distinctive angle, such as CeraVe’s winning, weird effort with Michael Cera or State Farm’s campaign playing on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent, the leader of the pack for USA Today’s closely watched Ad Meter

“The Super Bowl this year was the Kitchen Sink Bowl,” said Jason Harris, president and CEO of agency Mekanism, in emailed comments. “Advertisers tried too hard. Instead of one celebrity, they put in 5 or 6. Instead of one clear joke, they aimed for several. It was overly complex and hard to even

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Super Bowl LVIII: MSU experts can comment on advertising, marketing and cultural significance of halftime show | MSUToday

The Super Bowl is more than a football game: it’s a spectacle of entertainment. According to Nielsen ratings, eight of the 10 most-watched TV broadcasts in U.S. history have been Super Bowls. The other two in the top 10? The Apollo moon landing and Richard Nixon’s resignation speech.

This year, viewers will tune into the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to watch the commercials, Usher’s halftime show and Taylor Swift cheering on Travis Kelce.

Michigan State University experts are available to discuss what makes a great Super Bowl commercial, how the NFL and brands use the Super Bowl to connect with consumers and the significance of the league’s investment in Black halftime performers signifies.

Marketing and advertising

Robert Kolt, professor of practice emeritus in the MSU Department of Advertising and Public Relations, has led an ad-rating gathering for faculty in MSU’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences for 27 years. He can discuss why the Super Bowl is such a big deal for advertisers and the components of a great Super Bowl ad.

Contact: [email protected]

“The great thing about the Super Bowl is that all the best commercials in the advertising business are showcased throughout the game. The Super Bowl is to the ad industry what the Oscars are to the movie industry. It’s an event that with a huge audience across all ages and demographics.”

“Super Bowl ads have to be unique and memorable and recognizable long after the game. They have to be high quality in production, and they have to make people laugh. But most of all, a successful Super Bowl ad must sell something. In the end, these commercials need to be successful in influencing people to go out and buy the product they’re advertising.”

Ayalla Ruvio is an

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Miller Lite’s QR code jerseys turn 1K Super Bowl viewers into beer ads

Dive Brief:

  • Molson Coors brand Miller Lite is foregoing a Super Bowl commercial this year in favor of a “Running of the Beer Ads” program that tasks 1,000 football fans to serve as the brand’s official advertisement, per details shared with Marketing Dive.
  • Consumers starting Feb. 1 can sign-up online to receive a Miller Game Time Jersey emblazoned with a QR code that they can wear while stepping out during Super Bowl commercial breaks, including to get more beer. The jersey, which will be offered to 1,000 consumers total, can be scanned for the chance to win beer money.
  • Molson Coors also teamed with actor and comedian Rob Riggle, who will serve as the “lead beer runner” and encourage consumers to participate. The move follows the brewer’s “High Stakes Beer Ad” commercial in last year’s big game. 

Dive Insight:

Miller Lite’s decision to engage in unofficial advertising during Super Bowl LVIII is a departure from last year’s strategy, which put a heavy emphasis on its on-air advertisement. This year, instead of the brand being on-screen, Miller Lite is looking to 1,000 of its fans to handle its advertising through the “Running of the Beer Ads” effort.

“We’ve always been excited by [the Super Bowl] as an opportunity to engage fans in creative and unexpected ways. That’s not going to change just because we can buy a national ad now,” said Ann Legan, global vice president of marketing for the Miller Family of Brands, in emailed comments to Marketing Dive. “We’ve always tried to show up in ways no other beer could, and we’re confident we will this year, too.”

Consumers beginning Feb. 1 can sign-up online to receive the official Miller Game Time Jersey along with $100 and a Big Game Ad kit. On Feb. 11, the day of the

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Why Your Tremendous Bowl Ad Spending plan Should really Go To Shopper Assistance

  • Alternatively of paying on common advertising and marketing, spend cash in improving upon the buyer knowledge.
  • Greater purchaser support sales opportunities to a large ROI, content clients, and more powerful referrals.
  • Referred prospects are considerably less pricey to get and are much more valuable and faithful to the model.

Current investigate claims clients acquired by word of mouth internet marketing are far better clients than buyers obtained by regular advertising and marketing. Referred consumers invest much more dollars, refer their friends, and keep lengthier. Referred customers are incredibly worthwhile.

Shoppers acquired by means of conventional advertising bring about damage to your model. These buyers price you dollars and are not as valuable.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women all around the earth will tune into the Tremendous Bowl on Sunday. Apart from the recreation by itself, the commercials garner the most interest. But that interest will come with a significant cost tag. In 2023, a 30-second Super Bowl industrial fees a record-superior normal of $7 million.

Imagine what you could do with $7 million invested in correcting your damaged shopper encounters?

In a way, advertising is a type of unwarranted hypnosis. You check out my advert, I mail you subliminal messages to acquire from me, and then you go invest income with me.

It assumes people are not intelligent or discerning.

Anyway, does anybody observe advertisements anymore? I really do not. As a substitute of seeking to trick shoppers by promoting, what if corporations invested funds on really cutting down anxiety for clients?

Buyer encounter is an expense in the truth of what desires to be fixed versus the fantasy the brand has about alone.

ROI of Customer Encounter

Firms invest close to 12% of their yearly earnings

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Budweiser looks to younger generation in Super Bowl ad

Jan 31 (Reuters) – Budweiser is aiming to appeal to younger beer drinkers with a Super Bowl commercial that features actor Kevin Bacon and hip hop record producer Metro Boomin, and brings back the beer brand’s classic tagline, “This Bud’s for you.”

The commercial, which will air during the National Football League’s championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 12, comes as younger drinkers have embraced craft beers and hard seltzers, which have boomed in popularity in recent years.

The new ad shows six real everyday Americans, including a construction worker, a food truck owner and a basketball player enjoying a Bud as they unwind or pursue their passions. Each person takes a beer and passes the six-pack to the next until the final beer is handed to the viewer.

“They say all people are six degrees of separation away from each other, but some are just a six-pack away,” says Bacon, who narrates the commercial. It is a not so sly reference to the parlor game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – a takeoff on the play “Six Degrees of Separation” – in which every actor in Hollywood can supposedly be connected to Bacon through six or fewer movies.

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Budweiser resurrected the tagline “This Bud’s for you” by showcasing real people who embody qualities such as grit and determination, said Kristina Punwani, head of marketing for Budweiser USA.

“The tagline came out in 1979 and showed a Bud was a reward after a hard day’s work,” she said. “We realized the tagline was just as relevant today.”

Metro Boomin, who is from St. Louis, Missouri, where Budweiser parent company Anheuser-Busch (ABI.BR) is based, takes the fourth beer in the ad while in a music studio.

Budweiser will utilize

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