This Popular App Is Now Available on Android Auto and CarPlay

While some carmakers believe that blocking Android Auto and CarPlay is the right way to go in the long term, most are fully committed to offering mobile phone projection in their cars.
JustPark on CarPlay
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Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/JustPark

As a result, the app ecosystem keeps growing, with drivers getting new solutions regularly. This time, the parking app JustPark is the big name that joins the Android Auto and CarPlay fun, as the official app has just been updated with support for the two platforms.

Parking apps and Android Auto and CarPlay are a match made in heaven. While such software has been around for quite some time on mobile devices, allowing users to find a parking space and then pay for it in a matter of seconds, their expansion to the large screen on the dashboard happens at a rather slow pace.

JustPark is now joining Android Auto and CarPlay with nearly the entire set of features. However, drivers must know that the mobile device still controls most features (this is mobile phone projection, after all), so certain settings, such as the payment details, are only available on the smartphone.

JustPark lands on Android Auto and CarPlay with a full user interface and voice command integration. As such, if you want to search for a parking space close to your location, you can just say something like, “Hey, Siri, find parking on JustPark.” The command also works for Google Assistant.

The application then searches for nearby parking spaces, displays the available ones, and lets you navigate to the location. Using the saved payment details (credit card information), the application allows users to pay for parking right from the screen. Like on mobile devices, JustPark also allows users to extend the booking made on Android Auto and CarPlay. However, this option is

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